Under the Cover of Night (Sonic the Hedgehog/Werehog x Reader)

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"You think everyone in Spagonia is okay?"

"Probably. I heard that some of the team was headed down there to help handle the whole situation." Sonic looked over at Chip, the small Mobian flying over his shoulder as he jogged towards the previously mentioned city.

Unfortunately, he wasn't nearly as fast in his werehog form.

"Who's on the team?" the Light Gaia asked, turning around to fly backwards so he could make eye contact.

"Well, we have Amy, Tails, and-oh look, there's the city." Chip blinked, somewhat confused. Sonic slid down the hill before the city, pausing. His ears perked slightly, catching the faint sounds of terrified screams and the roars of the Dark Gaia monsters.

"Come on. We've got to hurry," the werehog said, taking off towards the city once again. Chip fumbled in the air for a second before following.

"Tails! Get these people to safety! Amy, help me handle the monsters!" The voice came from up ahead in the main square, growing louder as the odd pair approached. Sonic rounded the corner to see his two-tailed friend herding a group of citizens away from several Dark Gaia monsters. Said beasts were in a large group on the other side of the square, kept at bay by one hammer-swinging hedgehog and a (a/t) with twin blades.

"And a (a/t)?" Chip said, tugging lightly on one of Sonic's ears. "She part of the team?"

"Yeah," the hero said, using his elastic arms to swing himself up onto the roof of a nearby building, using the same skill to reach down and start picking off monsters. Chip hovered next to the fluffy werehog, doing his own version of backseat driving.

Down on the ground, the (a/t) lifted her head at the sudden lack of Dark Gaia monsters, almost instantly spotting Sonic. She blinked, then turned and threw one of her blades, impaling a monster through the face. It disappeared, her blade clattering to the ground.

"That's the last of them!" Amy shouted, swinging her hammer a last time, the beast puffing into smoke. "(Y/n)? What're you looking at?" Sonic tried to back away from the edge of the roof, but said (a/t) was already jogging towards the building, stopping just below. 

Apparently Chip missed out on Sonic's obvious reluctance, darting over to the edge and waving down. "Hello there!" he called down. He yelped as the werehog grabbed his leg with an elongated arm, dragging him back. "Hey!" 

"Um, hi!" (Y/n)'s voice called up. "I, uh, I know you're there. I just want to say thanks for helping out!" 

Chip fought out of Sonic's hand and paddled through the air, flying down and hovering in front of her. "Wish I could help out more," he said. "But my friend up there does all the heavy lifting." He turned his head back up to the roof where Sonic still hadn't shown himself, cringing. "Hey, So-" 

"Fine, fine!" he shouted, leaping over the side of the building and landing heavily next to (Y/n), who didn't seem fazed whatsoever. She simply turned to him, Chip making a weird face. "I...uh...you're welcome." 

"Have we met before?" the (a/t) asked, tapping her chin. "You seem really familiar." 

"Not that I can remember," Sonic said, keeping his gaze averted from hers. "I just, uh, came to assist with the monsters, and the whole Dark Gaia fiasco." He laughed nervously. "You know." 

"Well, we sure appreciate the help," (Y/n) said, smiling softly as she scratched Chip lightly under the chin. The Light Gaia shook his head, leaning into her touch. Sonic startled as she lay her hand on his arm. She sucked in a light breath, suddenly hugging his fluffy appendage. "You're so soft!" 

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