High Class (Sonic the Hedgehog x Reader)

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A/n: Highschool AU, and the characters are going to be boosted up to seniors.

Super popular hedgehog, and a smart one at that. All the girls were fawning over him and some even claimed to be his girlfriend. Those were all self-proclaimed titles, but it was still enough to ward off the lower class kids. 

Like (Y/n), who, in all honesty, didn't actually care. She liked her little circle of misfits and they just steered clear of the popular kids. They were also smart, working together as often as possible. 

But (Y/n), being the nerd she was, ended up in all of the accelerated classes. Which Sonic the Hedgehog, the popular kid, was in as well. Somehow, though, the (a/t) had been able to avoid him this long. 

"I think he's just weird," (Friend's name) said, scribbling notes down on her paper. Sonic had leaned over and was talking to his super smart friend, Tails, who had somehow been boosted up to these classes due to his insane intelligence level. He'd been keeping up just fine with the seniors and (Y/n) had learned to just not question him. He'd give you a headache if you got him talking about computer science. 

"Yeah," (Y/n) said, shrugging as she wrote her own notes. 

"Alright, I've sorted out the groupings for the project," the teacher said, returning to the front of the room and grabbing the students' attention. "Sonic, attention, please." Except for his, apparently. 

The teacher began reading off names, and this was one of the unfortunate times that (F/n) and (Y/n) were separated. The (a/t) sighed as her friend stood up and went to join her group, which included Tails. But not Sonic. So the teacher was separating all their friends. Great. 

"Sonic, (Y/n), Amy." Ah. That's just great. Amy and Sonic. Peachy. (Y/n) pushed herself up and trudged miserably over to the two. Amy was clinging to Sonic, who didn't look happy or miserable. Somewhere in between. 

"Hey there," Sonic said, raising his hand in greeting. The (a/t) nodded to him, sitting carefully on the desk next to his. He pushed himself up to the edge of his backrest, withdrawing his hand from Amy's. "So, what topic do you want?" 

(Y/n) thought for a moment. She shrugged. Sonic hummed, staring at the options. The other groups had already decided, leaving them with the last topic. Something boring. Hooray. "Alright, we should get to work, then." 

"Can't you do research super fast or something?" (Y/n) asked, hugging herself. 

"I could, but where would that leave you? Participation, people." 

"Right." She stood up and went over to grab one of the crappy class computers. Tails was studying his, which he did every time, but this time, he looked like he was on the verge of something. (F/n) didn't actually look that miserable, though she did look uncomfortable as the second boy in her group, Jet, it looked like, leaned over and whispered something to her. 

"Take your time, huh?" Sonic said, taking the computer from her. She glared at him. "Sorry. That was...that was a joke." 

"Coming from you?" she said. "Not funny." 

She was quiet the rest of the time, simply looking up reliable websites and copying the link into their research document. Amy literally did nothing, just watching and complimenting everything Sonic did. (Y/n) wanted out

The bell finally released her from her misery. Her next class was math, which she also had with Sonic, but Amy wasn't in that class. Tails was in secondary honors, which left the first honors to the other kids. 

"Hey, (Y/n)," Sonic called, falling into step beside her. She didn't look at him. "Look, I'm sorry about that joke. I know you're probably a little uncomfortable around me, so I'm sorry for saying something like that when we just met." Still nothing. "Oh, come on. At least a glance?" She offered him that, then back to the hallway ahead. "Wow. You're not even slightly flustered?" 

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