Wanted (Sonic the Hedgehog x Reader)

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The (a/t) walked down the alley, the heavy metallic sound of the patrol robots' footsteps thundering just outside.

(Y/n) had wanted posters of herself all over every city, joining up with the Resistance's. Even though the Resistance was gone. They hadn't showed up for two years. However, since the wanted posters were still up, and in fairly good shape, she took that as a sign that Sonic and his team were still out there.


She stopped beside a poster of herself plastered next to one of Sonic and another of Tails. She gritted her teeth and ripped all three off, shredding them and sending the shreds to the wind.

(Y/n) walked to the end of the alley, peering down the street. Mobians walked around casually, though there was a stiffness to their walk. All of them had collars on that would transmit anything suspicious straight to Eggman. If someone so much as breathed the name 'Sonic', Metal Sonic would be in the city in an instant, dragging the Mobian off for proper punishment.

(Y/n) had already faced that fate, however, before the doctor could do anything drastic, she'd escaped. And now she was a criminal to the Empire.

So she was trying to find the Resistance. Somewhere out there, there were Mobians like her. Wanted for crimes against the Eggman Empire, people who were plotting to overthrow it. Though there were so few of those nowadays.

Two years ago, Sonic the Hedgehog had been beaten into a pulp by Dr. Eggman. No one knows how, but the hedgehog had been sent running with his tail between his legs. Shadow the Hedgehog had fallen even before that. Eggman had made a very big deal about chopping off the dark hedgehog's leg and sending him crawling back to G.U.N. However, no one had heard from him, and reports from G.U.N said that no one had seen Shadow since the incident.

Silver the Hedgehog had been taken into Eggman custody and had returned six months later only to disappear with Sonic and the others.

Knuckles was gone and Angel Island was nowhere to be found. The Chaotix had disappeared with him. Tails had most likely gone off with Sonic as well as Amy, and Team Dark hadn't made an appearance since Shadow's fall.

The Eggman Empire had taken over, and the world hadn't known peace since.

Currently, (Y/n) ran across the street into another alley, heart pounding as a pair of patrol bots stormed past. She kept running until she found a decent hiding spot behind a series of shops, some sort of commotion going on inside the nearest one. She poked her head above the window sill, spotting the store owner screaming and cowering behind the desk. Blue streaks were crisscrossing through the aisles before a figure stopped at the door, hunched over and panting visibly. The (a/t)'s eyes widened.

It was Sonic.

"Holy Chaos," she whispered. Then Sonic was gone and she sighed, turning to the side. She yelped and jumped back, swinging her arms in front of her before bringing them up defensively to her face. He was right there! In front of her!

"Would you help an old chap out and carry these for me?" the blue hedgehog said in an old man voice, shakily lifting a walking stick off the ground and pointing it at (Y/n). His right leg shook visibly and he quickly stamped the cane back on the ground. "Just kidding," he said in his normal voice. "But I recognize you. (Y/n), right? The newest addition to the wanteds?"

"Wanteds?" she echoed.

"Yep. Those of us with our faces plastered on every wall in the world," Sonic said, leaning heavily on his stick. "I saw you watching me get dinner. You hungry? Come on. I'll show you to the hideout."

"Wait, wait, wait," she said as the hedgehog limped past her, his cane thunking on the ground. He glanced back at her. "Did you just steal all of that?"

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