Sweet (Bitter) Revenge (Shadow the Hedgehog x Reader) Part Two

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A/n: I know, you all told me that I shouldn't make a part two, but I had some ideas for some ways that a part two could go, and I'm going to give people *cough* my sister *cough* closure. And yeah, maybe you're not in it a lot. Or at all. You are mentioned, but, you know, if you read the first one, you should expect that. This is, again, for closure and some other things.

"Shadow, you have to move," Rouge coaxed, shaking Shadow's shoulder. He squeezed his eyes shut, his body trembling lightly as he knelt on the grass. The bat sighed and sat down next to him, putting her hand on the headstone. "She's gone, and there's nothing you can do." 

Shadow's eyes snapped open and he stood up, turning his head to Rouge. "I can kill Infinite," he snarled. "I ended his squad and I will end him!" 

"Don't you think that's foolish?" Rouge asked calmly, still staring at (Y/n)'s grave. "Killing his squad and being so reckless is what got (Y/n) killed in the first place. Going after Infinite could only cause more problems." 

"It's not as if Sonic has done the job." That was true. Currently, Sonic was missing, presumably dead. 

Because of Infinite. 

"If I kill Infinite, we win!" he shouted. 

"And you get revenge," Rouge said quietly. She brushed the top of the headstone once more before standing up and turning to face Shadow, eyes narrowed. "That's what it's about. Not about saving the world. It's about you getting revenge. Infinite wanted revenge, you want revenge, it's a never ending cycle, Shadow! Can't you see that?" 

"Why can't you see?" he asked, teeth gritted. Rouge sighed, lowering her head and putting her hands on his shoulders. He slapped her arms away before she could say anything. "No. You don't." 

"Shadow, you're being reckless. We're down a team member, Sonic's missing, I'm supposed to be going to help Knuckles with something for the Resistance, and then there's you. I need to do this for Mobius, and all you're interested in is your own revenge!" 

"It's justice!" He pressed his hands to his knees, dropping his head and staring at the headstone. "I'm doing this for us all, and there's nothing you can do to stop me." 

"Shadow, no," Rouge snapped, grabbing his arm as he prepared to leave. "Infinite can beat you! He pummeled Sonic into the ground in thirty seconds, and he's got help. You're alone." 

"And I'm enough." He ripped his arm out of the bat's grip and disappeared. 


"Defense Squad Jackal! Shadow the Hedgehog has crossed this facility's boundary! Get ready and prove to me you're the best squad out there!" The announcement could be heard from the distance Shadow was at as he sped towards the Eggman facility. He smirked to himself. This 'Defense Squad Jackal' would be no match for him. 

As the facility came into view, he slowed down to a walk. He approached the large doors, spotting several jackals standing defensively in front of it. No one appeared to be the head, so Shadow simply teleported to the nearest one, throwing him into another jackal. The rest of them launched themselves at him, but he disappeared and reappeared behind the one in the back, grabbing his scruff and throwing him to the ground. 

"Squad Jackal!" one called. "Behind me!" 

"He can teleport! How can we predict where he'll strike?" one asked uncertainly as they obeyed the first jackal's order. 

"Spread out," they replied, brandishing their weapon. Shadow grunted, unimpressed, teleporting to the center of the squad and round-housing the leader. He cried out, landing front side on the ground. The other jackals leaped at the dark hedgehog but he disappeared, reappearing by the fallen leader and placing his foot on their spine. 

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