Lily (Metal Sonic x Reader)

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Requested by: Takashi_8

An explosion of sparks and Metal Sonic fell to his knees, helm lolling. Sonic's team had done a number on him, frying his navigation and communications and leaving him stranded in the Mystic Jungle. He couldn't even get an SOS out to his master.

He twisted his helm at an awkward angle as his audio receptors picked up a soft rustling to his left.

Cannon: Offline.

Weapons: Offline.

Mobility: Critical.

There wasn't a good chance of escape if this newcomer was hostile. Metal's optics glitched and he slumped forward.

A moment later, he registered a stick prodding at his left shoulder. Then at his helm. Then a warm hand was lifting his helm up, and his blurry visuals detected a Mobian's face before him.

Hostile. Hostile! He spasmed, his systems panicking but refusing to function properly. This ended with him collapsed on the ground. The face entered his visuals once more, coming in and out of focus.

"Are you done?" it asked. Female. Metal didn't respond, his visuals slowly dimming. The face simply watched, she simply watched, until everything went dark and Metal's main systems went offline.


Rebooting in 3...2...1...

Metal Sonic's optics flickered to life, instantly meeting those of a (f/c) (a/t)'s.

Identification: (Y/n) the (A/t). Known Associations: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Metal jerked at the information, though his arms and legs were restrained by iron chains. He eventually calmed his sparking circuits, settling and looking evenly at the (a/t). She held several tools in her hands, and she had a welding mask perched atop her head.

Analysis: Subject appears to be...fixing or dismantling.

He had been rebooted after his systems had been rendered critical. Several of those critical systems were now on the mend, and it was abundantly clear he was not in the vicinity of the Eggman Empire.

Analysis: Subject has been repairing systems. Proceed with caution.

"Good morning," the (a/t) said in a soft, lulling voice, though Metal was certain she didn't intend it to sound that way. "I'm almost done getting your mobility back online so your body doesn't spasm randomly." She lifted the tools. "I'll fix this and then you can be on your way."

Inquiry: Why would (Y/n) the (A/t) assist this unit? Unit's primary objective is to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and any known Associates. Objectives do not align.

Observation: Unit is conflicted.

He watched her carefully but didn't move as she approached, prodding around his chassis. She tugged out a wad of fried wiring, retrieving her own and rewiring the wasted circuits. He processed her actions, storing them away for later analysis.

She'd left his original programming untouched, so that didn't explain the sudden conflict in his objectives. That was a completely natural occurrence.

No matter. When he returned to his master, everything would be wiped and this conflict with it.

"Alright. You have automatic repairs, but they were offline until just now. They should kick in and you'll be good as new," the (a/t) said, drawing him out of his thoughts. She grabbed a key in her right hand and a gun in her left. She didn't trust him.

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