Mercy (Infinite the Jackal x Reader)

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The (a/t) swung through the city, scanning below for any stray Badniks. After a long day of cleaning up with Knuckles and the Chaotix, she was ready for a break. 

She landed on the hill overlooking the city, wrapping up her grappling hook and slinging her wispon over her shoulder. Anything she couldn't handle, the Chaotix or Knuckles could. 

Sighing, she sat down, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of the breeze running through her fur. The war was over. They'd won, and she couldn't help but be proud of all the accomplishments she'd achieved along the way. It felt good to be working with a team. And Sonic the Hedgehog, no less. 

She was snapped out of her thoughts by a soft rustling in the grass, louder than the breeze had permitted when she was alone. Grabbing her wispon, (Y/n) stood up stiffly, looking around for her new company. She spotted a hunched figure over by a clump of bushes, and by the shape of it, they were facing her. She pointed her wispon at them. 

"Come out," she said, taking a step towards them. The figure tensed and she lowered her wispon slightly. "Who are you?" 

That's when they pounced. Lunging forward, they grabbed her wispon and tossed it down the hill, latching onto her shoulders and driving her back into a tree. She grunted as he back made contact with it, wrapping her arms around her attacker's and shoving back. They made a snarling noise, staggering back and gripping their arm. Whoever it was was injured and weak, unable to properly fight back. 

"Who are you?" (Y/n) demanded again. The Mobian lifted their head and she gasped. 

It was Infinite. 

Reaching for her communicator, she contacted Sonic. Infinite hissed and leaped at her again, grabbing her wrist with an iron grip, a soft crunch heard as he crushed the communicator. (Y/n) yelped in pain and jerked her hand away, taking a step back and balling her hands into fists. Infinite said nothing, but she could hear the low growl emitting from him. 

He rushed at her once more but she easily sidestepped and shoved him to the ground. He rolled back to his feet, stumbling. She shook her head, holding her fists close to her face. "Don't be stupid," she said. "You're in no condition to fight me." 

"You're wrong!" he finally shouted, a desperate sound. She gritted her teeth as he came at her once more, but before he landed a blow in, she grabbed his arm and swung him around, kicking him in the stomach. He tumbled backwards, sliding down the hill. She scampered after him, picking up her wispon along the way. She pointed it at him as they came to a stop at the bottom. 

"Are you done yet?" she asked.

"Never," he hissed, scrambling to his feet, tail quivering behind him. 

"I can send a signal and my friends will be here in an instant," (Y/n) said, pointing her wispon up at the sky. "You can't take me on, and you couldn't take them by yourself for sure." 

"Are you calling me weak?" 

"I'm calling you malnourished." 

Infinite growled, flexing his fingers. (Y/n) sighed and lowered her wispon. "Please," she said. "Have some sense." But Infinite would not listen. He sprang at her once more but she simply backhanded him and he landed on the ground with a thud, shaking his head. She bent down in front of him, putting a hand on the top of his mask. He snarled and batted her hand away. 

"Go ahead and kill me," he spat. "I'd relish it." 

"You're half starved and half insane," she said, dropping her wispon on the ground beside her. "You need help." 

"I don't need any help, least of all yours! Get away from me!" He swatted at the (a/t) and she leaned back to avoid his claws, grabbing her wispon again and pointing it at him. Then she realized something. 

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