Single (?) (Sonic the Hedgehog x Reader)

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A/n: Valentine's Day one-shot! I promise I am working on requests, I swear!

This was also a kind of practice for my kiss scenes, so...go in with an open mind...

(Y/n) tossed the numerous boxes of chocolates onto the counter, setting the copious amounts of soda next to it.

Valentine's Day. The day to continuously remind her of how single she was. PDA was everywhere she turned. She even looked out the window of her apartment and saw two lip locked lovers in the window of the building across the street. She shut the blinds, going to change into something more comfortable.

She flopped onto the couch with her chocolates and soda, perfectly content to binge Netflix and eat garbage until she passed out in a sugar coma and Valentine's Day was over.

And then someone knocked on her door.

The (a/t) ignored it.

The someone knocked again.

"You little-" she hissed, pausing the show and running a hurried hand through her hair. "Text me! Leave a message or something! Leave my pity party alone!"

She swung the door open with an annoyed expression, one that quickly turned to confusion at the weary looking Sonic the Hedgehog before her, fist raised to knock again.

"Hello?" she said. "Shouldn't you be on a date? Or a hundred? What are you doing here?"

"I need a break," he said. "Please let me in."

"Well, uh, it's kind of a mess, and I wasn't expecting anyone, you know, being painfully single and all."

"I wish."

"You wish you were single?"

"Well, right now, I'm wishing I was less single. I cannot catch a break!" He leaned forward and she leaned backwards, keeping her eyes firmly fixed on his. "Please."

"Run to the store and grab three boxes of chocolate and a bottle of Sprite," she said. "Then I'll let you in." He visibly relaxed, nodding eagerly before zipping off. She didn't bother closing the door, yawning in the ten seconds he was gone before he stood in front of her again, items in hand. She nodded and stepped aside to let him in, throwing the door shut behind her and trudging back to the couch.

"Dang," Sonic said as he set the treats down on the coffee table. "This really is a pity party."

"Shut up." She grabbed the remote. "Sit down; it was just getting to the good part."


After three more movies, both needed an actual drink of water and some real food, despite (Y/n)'s earlier determination to get a sugar coma. Even her sweet tooth couldn't take it.

Sonic downed three cups of water like he'd been trekking through a desert while the (a/t) nursed hers, dragging a box of strawberries out of the fridge.

"Less single," she mused. "Amy's not half bad. Maybe a little head over heels, but that's only because you don't give her enough attention."

"She's not my type. Like you said. If I give her attention, she'll want to settle down. She seems to hate how I jump from place to place." (Y/n) shrugged, sipping her water again.

"Okay, not Amy. How about that one news reporter that was flirting with you on live TV?" Sonic made a face.

"She wants popularity. I'd be a tool." She wrinkled her nose.

"Good point. Not the reporter." She tapped her chin. "I mean, you could be gay for a day. If you just want to throw people off your tail. Give Shadow a big smooch. That'd throw the media for a loop. Rouge would have a field day."

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