Haunting (Silver the Hedgehog x Reader)

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The future was lonely. After yet another failure to fix whatever was going on in his timeline and utterly drained from too much time-traveling too close together, Silver was exhausted and unwilling to even think about the possibilities. 

He practically crashed into an abandoned apartment, quickly realizing it wasn't his own - though there wasn't much difference, anyway. He sighed, rubbing his eyes and heading for the hole he'd punched in the wall when a whistle sounded, something like a cat-call. He whirled around, hands glowing and raised. 

"What a cutie," a female voice said. "You look alive, though. Darn, that sucks." 

"Yes, I'm alive," Silver said sharply. He was too tired for this. "Where are you?" 

"I don't know. Sounds like it's just me and you talking. Except, you can't hear me. Dang, again! That sucks!"

"I can hear you, and I'm in a pretty bad mood, so show yourself!" 

"Snappy, snappy. Who's he talking to?" Then, before him appeared a transparent (f/c) (a/t). She waved at him cheekily, settling her hands on her hips. "Oh, heavens, your eyes are pretty. Curse the living! I'm sure I'd have a shot if I was." 

"Living?" Silver echoed. The (a/t) glanced behind her, then to the left and right. She pointed at herself, staring at him with wide eyes. 

"You're talking to me?" she squeaked, her voice suddenly much less confident. 

"Who else would I be talking to?" Silver said irritably, though he lowered his hands. "Who are you?" She glanced around again. 

"Me?" she said. Silver nodded expectantly. "I'm...uh...I'm (Y/n)? (Y/n) the (A/t)." She coughed, straightening and running a hand through her hair. "Y-yep. That's me." 

"Why are you...transparent?" She blinked, then hugged herself. 

"I'm dead?" Now it was Silver's turn to be surprised. Of course, though. She was a ghost! Hence the reason she thought he was talking to someone other than her. Which meant she'd thought the whole conversation they'd been having was one-sided. Pity settled in his stomach, along with a sliver of guilt. 

"A ghost," he said softly. She nodded, dropping her arms.

"Yeah. A two hundred year old ghost, but who's counting? Check it out, though. I can fly, go through walls, and I can skip all meals of the day because I don't need to eat!" She did a slow motion back flip, presenting her landing. "Except I miss chocolate. Weird to miss something after two hundred years, right?" 

"Two hundred years," Silver whispered. "What happened to you?"

"Some cataclysmic event. I'm not even sure. Just a big white wave, and suddenly, I'm dead! But no one can see me, and I can't talk to anyone, or touch anything..." She shrugged. "A lonely existence, really, but I've learned to deal with it." She tilted her head curiously at Silver. "Who are you, anyway? There's no living around here." 

"I'm...uh...Silver," he said, taking a subconscious step closer. "You said no one could see you?" 

"Until you? Nope." She popped the p, shifting closer to him as well. "Maybe it's because it's that one special day of the year, even though there's no one to celebrate it. The day that the spirits are closest to the living? And you've got those weird glowy powers..."

"Telekinesis," he said, his voice quieting as they stopped only inches from each other. "And a little telepathy." She hummed thoughtfully, lifting a hand and reaching for his face. His breath caught at the cold feeling that spread through him when her hand would have supposedly made contact with his cheek, though there was no solid touch. She lowered her hand and leaned towards his face and his gaze involuntarily dropped to her mouth. 

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