Caged (Movie!Sonic the Hedgehog x Reader)

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"Whoop! Movie night! Let's go! What're we watching?" 

"Slow down there," Maddie said, grabbing Sonic and heaving him off the counter. She set him on the couch, grabbing the popcorn bowl and placing it on his lap to keep him down. He shoved a handful in his mouth. "We've got a few options." She held a few disks out in front of him and he studied them. 

"That one," he said through another mouthful of popcorn, pointing at the one in the middle. 

"Good choice. This is one of Tom's favorites." 

"Where is Tom?" 

"On his way home. He'll be here in a few minutes. In the meantime, how about you save some of that for the rest of us?" Sonic sheepishly set aside the popcorn bowl. Ozzie jumped up on the couch and the blue hedgehog snapped at him, moving the bowl to the other side before scratching behind the dog's ears. 

"Who's ready for a movie?" Tom suddenly shouted from the front door. 

"About time!" Sonic said, throwing his hands up. Ozzie leaped off the couch to greet his owner and Sonic snatched up the popcorn bowl again. "Mr. I'll-Be-Back-In-A-Few-Minutes." 

"Oh, quiet," Maddie hushed him. Sonic flicked one of his ears, squishing himself into the cushions. Tom set his keys on the counter and plopped onto the couch beside the hedgehog, causing him to bounce upwards slightly. Maddie sat down on the other side of Sonic and the blue blur's mouth widened into a sappy grin. This was his family, his home, and he couldn't be happier. 


The Mobian police officer, Officer (Y/n), stepped out of the ring, glancing around the property. The sun was setting and no other people seemed to be around. There was light coming out of one window, and she could see two heads of the native species in that window. Other than that, she knew there were no other people living there. 

Or that's what they wanted people to think. 

Sonic the Hedgehog was here. The Mobian fugitive. After years of searching, they'd finally found him. However, he was being guarded by the two native lifeforms and they may or may not prove to problematic. (Y/n) stepped up to the door. If they were surprised by her, then she would have to erase their memory of her, and if not, Sonic was here. 

So she knocked. 

"Hold on," she heard. The odd background explosions coming from the room suddenly stopped and she heard footsteps coming towards her. She put one hand on her hip where her gun was, the other hanging limply on her other side. The door opened and the male looked confused before looking down. He blinked. 

"Who and what are you?" he said. She tilted her head. 

"Officer (Y/n)," she said. 


"Mobius Police Department. I'm an off planet officer looking for a certain blue hedgehog." 

"Blue hedgehog? What on Earth are you talking about? Are you some sort of government joke?" Her free hand unlatched something from her belt - a dart gun. The gun would erase the memory of the human if he didn't know who Sonic was, but she wasn't about to give up yet. She still loaded it and pointed it at his neck. 

"No," she said. "I'm here because Sonic the Hedgehog is a fugitive from Mobius. I'm here to collect him. You can either hand him over or I will use force." 

"Well, officer to officer," the human said, fishing something out of his pocket. A badge. She sighed, fingering the trigger. 

"This will erase your memory of this meeting," she said. "Is Sonic here or not?" 

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