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Your day started off like any other day, you had stayed up late last night finishing up your homework just as you said to Ryuu. You groaned putting your shoes on, you had yet another full shift today.

You told yourself that if you missed even one day, you would be late paying the rent. You did in fact have an older brother going by the name of Naoki, he would send you money every month - but three months ago he suddenly stopped. You had tired calling him but he never picked up, knowing your brother; he might've got in trouble with a group. And through those three months, you've been trying to get enough money to get a plane ticket along with money when you get there. You had looked at yourself in a mirror before going out the door locking it waking to deli cafe.

You had lived twenty minutes away by walking. You had no car or anyone to give you a ride, not that you wanted one. You knew if you asked Ryuu he wouldn't hesitate to be at the front of your apartment waiting for you with his car and drive you to the deli cafe and back home, every single day. He was a very good friend, you had thought of him as your older brother, although your biological brother is six years older than you. It's been four years since you last saw his face, he wouldn't bother taking a selfie just to show you how he was. He would go on and on about how he wasn't good looking, his hair was a mess, or he wasn't dressed, he even gave an excuse that he had guests over. In time, you decided to stop asking to see him.

You sighed gripping the edge of your shirt. Naoki was the only family you had, you smiled thinking that's what every protagonist in a book being in any genre was going through. No parent's, barley any money, living alone. But not all was bad, you were grateful that you were at least going to school and were acquaintanced with a few people you wouldn't call friends yet. Now that you think about it, Ryuu had told you last night if you ever had fun.

"You don't go out?"

You held your head up high, even if you didn't have anyone who'd invite you to go eat. You're still you.

Twenty minutes seemed to fly by when you're in your head. You grabbed the door handle pulling it open going inside noticing how no one is here besides Ryuu at the desk to order. "Are we closed?" He shook his head gesturing for his hand for you to come closer. You did so. "Apparently someone rented out this place for just an hour." You raised both your eyebrows. "I know right?! Having to rent out this place is no joke!" You smiled seeing how he was all excited. "But I don't get why he or she isn't here yet, shouldn't they be enjoying the cafe all to themselves?" He lifted up his arms shrugging his shoulders. "I don't know, but I did hear that it's two people showing up." You cooed wiggling your eyebrows as Ryuu chuckled. "So they're a couple? That's adorable to rent out a place for them." Ryuu again shrugged his shoulders. "They might not even be a couple, maybe just business talk." You nodded taking in the idea. "But wouldn't it be more convenient to go to a nicer and more elegant place?" He tilted his head slightly. "Eh... You gotta remember that it's early in the day, I don't think someone would crave a steak and wine first thing in the morning."

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