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This chapter may may trigger some of you, please skip at your own risk or read with caution

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This chapter may may trigger some of you, please skip at your own risk or read with caution.

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On that same day you were having lunch with Katsu at the deli cafe as Ryuu being himself invited himself to join in which you had no problem. "So do you guys have any drama to spill?" Since the deli cafe still didn't have sandwiches or any small meal to call lunch, you both had gotten food elsewhere taking it to go then coming here to eat it. Katsu had no problem sharing with Ryuu, since Ryuu was going to pay Katsu for eating almost half of his food. Either way - Katsu nor Ryuu didn't want to take your food since you were small and they knew how you would overwork yourself not giving yourself the time to eat. Ryuu was still munching away the leftovers as Katsu glanced at you taking a sip of water, you shrugged your shoulders giving him the look that it was his choice to tell him. "Well uh... Our dean apparently quit his job for another school, and... You know Hana?" Ryuu nodded swallowing the food in his mouth. "The girl that you dated and abandoned [Y/N]?" Katsu lowered his head as he can't help but feel guilty not able to do anything for you during that time, and the way Ryuu said it so bluntly made you smile. Ryuu was caught up to speed with the whole situation going on making yourself feel guilty as well, Katsu and Ryuu told you and each other what was happening with them and what had happened. "Well, she got expelled during that same day-"

"Isn't that good? She did threaten [Y/N] saying how she'll put up posters again, not only that; but she along with that good for nothing dean teamed up against her wrongly punishing her." Katsu scratched his head sighing looking at Ryuu sip on his water since coffee with this wasn't a good match. "I know that Ryuu, but don't you think it's weird for both of them to simultaneously be kicked out of the school?" He hummed leaning back lifting the chair up a bit as you grew nervous. Ryuu looked at you chuckling. "Someone must cherish you to go this far." Katsu glanced over at you as you couldn't help but blush, Daisuke did confess his love for you. And there was no one else who could have done this on the same day.

"Do we know any rich powerful people Katsu?" Ryuu tapped him with his hand as he took his eyes away from you looking at Ryuu shaking his head. "I don't think so.." Ryuu shook his hand shaking his head. "I don't take i don't or think so. I want a yes or no." Katsu groaned. "No." Ryuu nodded squinting his eyes thinking hard, someone who goes beyond to what anyone thinks or says, someone who knows what they're doing. You sighed softly seeing Katsu and Ryuu think together on who might be this person be and why they would do it. You closed your eyes if you should tell them now, Ryuu opened one of his eyes to glance at you having a troubled expression. Would they get mad at you for not telling them sooner? Would they trust you again? All the thoughts of what could happen made you even more afraid to tell them, but seeing how much they care and even talking about who could have done this makes you think otherwise. Ryuu smiled closing that same eye to look at you, you opened your eyes taking a deep breath. To overcome those fears - is by actually standing your ground.

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