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Six years later.

"We have a special guest, actually two special guests! Please welcome, Daisuke Suzuki and his son Daiki Suzuki!" Daisuke walked in while his six year old son held his hand trying to hide behind his leg as the crowd applaud them. Daiki looked exactly like Daisuke, his dark hair, his dark black eyes. They looked so innocent, this was his very first time coming onto live TV. Daisuke sat down letting go of his hand as Daiki sat close beside him.

"Wow! It's been six years since you last came here Mr Suzuki, I don't know if you remember." He nodded smiling somehow remembering how this talk host was a waste of his time, but the public knew of Daisuke's son's birth. And when he announced he was married when the paparazzi caught a ring on his finger. "Has it been that long?" The blonde one chuckled making the crowd chuckle, the talk show host remembered the first time he's talked to him. It was very hard to start a conversation, and he had to be extremely careful to what he says.

"It's still a surprise that just two years ago, you gotten married, and now you have a son! Not to mention the other one being with it's mother." He nodded as Daiki's ears perked up from hearing the word mother. "Yes, countless people have told me that. They didn't expect me to have a family."

"If you don't mind Mr Suzuki, but when are we going to meet your wife Mrs Suzuki? We only seen her in pictures." Pictures were displayed in the screen revealing you holding Daiki's hand with a sunhat on and shaded glasses, while Daisuke was holding his daughter. "I'm afraid you can't, she's very secretive about herself and wishes to stay out of the public's eye. I hope you respect that." He quickly nodded as more pictures showed up, a picture of him holding your hand.

"That's Mommy!" Daiki pointed as Daisuke nodded lowering his hand. "Yes, that's Mommy." The host smiled. "Is your son already knowing the way of handling businesses?" He shook his head as Daiki played with Daisuke's long fingers. "No, he's still too young. Me and my wife talked about it, we would like for him to have his childhood." He glanced at a picture of you holding daiki as he was smiling big. "Is he a momma's boy?" Daisuke was keeping him back, that's when he lifted his hand and that's when daiki sprung up running to the screen as a picture of you was shown. "Daddy! That's Mommy!" He looked back at him then at you. Daisuke smiled nodding his head. "He is." The crowd awed seeing a young Daisuke. "When you were a boy, you started at a very young age didn't you?"

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