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This chapter contains sexual content, please skip or read with caution

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This chapter contains sexual content, please skip or read with caution.

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It was dark, it was cold yet comforting and warm. You could feel yourself moving feeling the sheets as if you were in a bed, your eyes struggled to open but eventually you did. Your [E/C] eyes scanned the room, it was huge and spacious that two more king sized beds could fit in here. You looked to your right seeing a huge wall of glass giving you a clear view of the city lights even where you're at. There was only one person you knew that had this view, that being was no other than Daisuke. You lifted yourself up hissing at a pain that came from your stomach, you grunted in pain quietly lifting up your cleaned shirt that you didn't have on before.

And there you could feel that you had a line of stitches going down in a straight line, but you had seen white bandages going around your stomach. From the bottom of your bellybutton, to the ends of your hips. You sighed putting it back down hearing footsteps coming from where you would enter. You glanced over seeing Daisuke walk in having a surprised to see you awake. "You're awake!" He exclaimed quickly going to your side placing his hand on your shoulder making sure you don't move as much. "How are you feeling?" You slightly frowned your eyebrows remembering what happened to you earlier today, you looked passed Daisuke looking at the night sky then looking at Daisuke. "How long was I out?" He sat on the bed glancing at your stomach. "A few hours." You looked down at your clothes lifting up the blankets up to your chest now noticing that the things you were only wearing was Daisuke's white t-shirt, and your [F/C] underwear; nothing else underneath. "Did you?-" he hummed putting his hand behind his neck slightly blushing. "I didn't do anything in that way my dear. Though..." He paused glancing at you. "It was hard to not look." You left your mouth agape looking around the room for your pants and shoes, you grabbed the blanket going to the edge making Daisuke stand up going over to you which you were already out of bed. "[Y/N], you're not supposed to be moving." He grabbed your arms gently making you back up almost falling on the bed but Daisuke had pulled you into his chest knowing that if you fell back your stitches would open.

You began to feel your face heat up and since Daisuke had held onto your arm while his hand hand was around your waist, the blanket that you dearly wanted fell onto the floor. Daisuke's shirt fell to your thighs, he pressed you closer that you didn't have a choice but to look at him or else your face would be buried in his chest. When you did, his eyes were already on you and you could see a tint of red across his cheeks. You were in this situation more than you can count with Daisuke, you grabbed his hand that was around your waist removing it away from you giving you the opportunity to move away from him.

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