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This chapter contains slight sexual content, please skip or read with caution

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This chapter contains slight sexual content, please skip or read with caution.

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The meeting was neither a success nor a failure. It was just two weeks before summer break starts, and since you were a freshman in college. You didn't have to take exams like the seniors do, and you didn't have to participate in the graduation ceremony. Like per usual, you were in the library texting Daisuke. You hummed leaning your head back against the wooden shelves closing your eyes. Today - you felt extremely exhausted, to the point where you don't wanna read your manga. Yesterday seemed like a day you weren't gonna be getting used to, you and Daisuke talked about over the phone when and where you'll both be spending your time together, but you just weren't it feeling today. And hopefully he doesn't chose this day to hang out, but In all honesty - it did feel nice to have someone talk to you on a daily basis, ask you about your day, say goodnight to you, check up on you. You didn't think of anything of Daisuke, after your clarification on wanting to be friends. You saw him nothing but a caring, kind friend.

But you didn't know if that was the same way Daisuke was thinking. Your mind suddenly pictured him, the way he stared at you and kept staring at you. You did want to see how he would stare at Ms Chisaka, but Ryuu was nervous as ever wanting you to go to them rather than himself, ruining the chances to see if he looks at other girls the way he does with you.

Your phone started vibrating violently startling you opening your eyes grabbing it turning it around to the screen seeing Daisuke's number calling you. You slided the green call button answering it putting it up to your ear. "I thought you were going to busy this whole week." He chuckled leaning back into his chair spinning it around so the back of his chair faces his desk. "I enjoy hearing your voice. It makes me feel less stressed with all this paperwork." You couldn't help but smile feeling a bit warm from your cheeks. "But I didn't call to relieve my stress, I also called to ask how you're doing."

"Oh well, you know. Just sitting in the library... Alone, reading." Daisuke could hear the pitch of sadness in your voice so he straight asked. "You don't have any friends?" You sighed giggling as if you wanted to laugh it off hoping that you two can talk about something else. "Uh.. I'm... Acquaintanced with a few people." Daisuke stood silent picturing himself being your age sitting beside you. "Am I the only friend you have?" You then remembered Katsu, he says that he's been wanting to talk to you for months. But a part of you wanted to say that you had one at least in school, but you didn't wanna get your hopes up. "Yeah."

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