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This chapter contains sexual content, please skip over it if you feel uncomfortable or read through it with caution

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This chapter contains sexual content, please skip over it if you feel uncomfortable or read through it with caution.

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You both had stood there for minutes, Daisuke's sobbing soon ended but kept his arms around you fearing that he'll lose you. In all honesty - you were the only person Daisuke truly had, the one person he only had left. You rubbed his back as he pulled away looking away from you that he couldn't let you see him like this, he was thinking you'd seen him weak, that his own father said the things he did taking an effect on him. You reached out to touch his face, your [S/C] hands softly cupped his pale cheeks as you gently made him turn his head to look at you, he closed his eyes frowning his eyebrows that he eventually gave in to looking into your [E/C] eyes. There was so much pain and sadness in his eyes that it was planted on his face, his pale fingers touched your hands on his cheeks. "Promise me.. You won't leave me." You slowly took back your hands as Daisuke grabbed your hands tightly. "Please don't leave me, don't leave me like my father- Like he did. I don't think I can survive without you, please [Y/N]." You felt like crying for Daisuke, you didn't need to ask what caused him so much pain. "I won't let you leave, please stay with me." There was so much desperation that it ached your heart, you avoided his stare making him grit his teeth.

"Do you want me to resign? Will that make you happy? I will, I've been doing this for nothing all along. I've been trying so desperately to get acknowledged by a man who was never there for me from the start, why should I continue to do this when I have you?" You shook your head as you thought Daisuke was being emotional just as you were when you were going through the things you did. "Daisuke, do you really wanna do that?-"

"For you I will."

"No, don't do things for me Daisuke. Don't do things that you may regret in the future." Daisuke's eyebrows slowly raised as you thought he saw your point of view, but he had thinked the total opposite. Your way of thinking was that Daisuke being the CEO had some connection to his mother, and if he didn't wanna hear it or even think about it, he was still part of his father; But what Daisuke thought, was power and money - power to have anyone do something, to have something. And money to make anyone satisfied, or better yet; to have someone do the dirty work. To have you by his side, to have your freedom, to have your body and soul all his, to have your love, to possess all of you. A small crazy smile slowly started to form on his face as his desire for you fully came out, his eyes now completely lost his glow but had a crazy sadistic love for you in them. That's right - he'll continue being the CEO of the Suzuki corporations in order to insure that you'll have no escape from him, to have no choice but to love him endlessly and senselessly. To have more power, he'll be going for the chairman spot.

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