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Hours passed that it was already in the evening almost time for your school to close, Daisuke had all kinds of TV shows, movies that you haven't seen in years. Normal TV wouldn't show your shows that you watched growing up. Watching them again sure felt like you were home, you had still pictured that your mom, dad and brother were on this couch sitting wherever on this couch watching it with you. You sighed softly smiling thankful that Daisuke was here the whole time with you. Daisuke's attention was on the screen, you found it cute that he was curious on what was going to happen. But then again, ever since Daisuke was a child - he never played with any toys, didn't have any time to watch kids show, no animated shows, nothing. He was raised to be a business man, a part of you felt pity for him. His father was a womanizer having countless girlfriends, you weren't completely in the dark about everything. The news would be talking about a meeting that the chairman's girlfriend met Daisuke and he would always hate each girl. His biological mother was rumored to leave Daisuke with the chairman as she was not a fan of having kids.

You lifted up your knee to your chest and remembered on the day you were at Mr Kimoto's place, Daisuke was getting a cake for his mom. You didn't believe those rumors untill you saw those words to his mom.

"You okay?" You got out of your thoughts looking at Daisuke who was leaning back having his legs extended as he was on the long part of the couch. "Yeah, just... I can't believe we're watching a show that I watched as a kid." You giggled as he smiled fixing his turtle neck smiling glancing at it. "It's quite fascinating in it's own way." He turned back to you. "But, you can tell me what you were really thinking." You refused to look at him as your chin rested on your knee. He started to move his way over to you putting his hand on the top of your knee pushing it down laying his head down on your lap looking up at you surprised with the action he just did. "I won't get mad." He whispered lifting up his hand tucking your [H/C] hair behind your ear looking into your [E/C] eyes.

"It's personal." You managed to say without stuttering, and if he really didn't have a problem with it - you didn't know if you'd be able to say it without stuttering. "The majority of my life is already out to the world, there are little things that are personal." You giggled refusing to believe that. "I don't believe that." He raised his eyebrow. "Why is that?" You lifted up your hand moving away his hair so you saw his forehead. "Well, let's say in the future you have a girlfriend and you want her to be a secret. You'll keep your love life a secret." He shook his head as his own hand reached your hand that was ruffling his hair grabbing it placing it on his chest. "To prove my love to her, I would let the whole world know who she belongs to." You lifted up your head so that he looks at your neck. "Well, lucky her." You chuckled looking back down seeing his face slightly red, he slightly gripped a little tighter onto your hand. "I'm pretty sure anyone is Lucky to have you as their lover." You smiled as he rose up turning around to look at you. "Would you be lucky to be with me?" Your smile vanished and shrugged the slightest. "I don't know." His eyes looked at the floor and you swore you saw yet again sadness in his eyes but when he looked back at you, he had his normal expression. "You said you had a personal question, I would like to hear it."

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