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This chapter contains slight sexual content, please skip or read with caution

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This chapter contains slight sexual content, please skip or read with caution.


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Half of the day passed as it was surprisingly a little light out when you both landed, but — soon enough the sun will sleep as the moon will be fully awake. "Mr Suzuki, the Car is waiting for you as your father requested." He sighed getting off of the last stair grabbing your hand as you came down. "Where's my driver?" He glanced at nobu as he slightly shook his head that he didn't get notified of any sort, with his eyes he glanced at another young male in a suit having his hands behind his back. When Daisuke looked at him, it was clear that he wanted an answer as to where was his own driver. "Your father had told me that you don't need your driver as he got one for you." This young man was very brave for not sweating in the presence of Daisuke, he had longer hair than Daisuke as it went down to his neck. "So that's how it is." He whispered that you heard making you confused on why you can't just get in the car. "Daisuke, why can't we just get in the car?" He shook his head. "That's what he wants me to do, expects me to do." You titled your head slightly. "What do you mean?" He glanced down at you then quickly at the young man having his eyes closed then looking at the black car with the driver waiting near the driver's seat. "He doesn't trust me that I'll go to that meeting. He even sent people who don't even work for me, but rather the man himself. What an annoyance."

He took off his grey coat throwing it over your shoulders as a little wind did pick up. "I don't want you catching a cold my love." Nobu's eyes widened as he glanced at you not knowing what to respond with. Nobu was confused on whether you both were a couple or if it's one sided. "Thank you Daisuke." You smiled as he turned back around holding your hand. "Nobu, call my driver and wait for him." Nobu nodded already walking where the cars enter the airport making the call. "Mr Suzuki, your car is already here-"

"You keep your mouth shut." He shut his mouth gritting his teeth together, he was glad he was working for the chairman rather his own son. "I don't need my father's babysitter to keep tabs on me." The young man glared at Daisuke which Daisuke glared back. "It was the chairman's request." He repeated as Daisuke chuckled, this conversation started to heated as Daisuke took a step forward as you gripped tighter on his hand. He looked back at you having a worried expression, Daisuke's eyebrows frowned going in front of you having his back faced the man. "My Love, you don't need to worry about this small talk. I've got it under control." The way his voice changed in a matter of seconds, with his free hand he placed it on your shoulder leaning down giving you a kiss on the cheek smiling warmly at you. "I wouldn't do anything to frighten you." You slightly blushed looking at his black eyes telling yourself that this isn't the time to feel like this.

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