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◤◢◣◤◢◣sᴇᴛ ɪɴ ᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴ◢◣◤◢◣◤

◤◢◣◤◢◣sᴇᴛ ɪɴ ᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴ◢◣◤◢◣◤

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You had waited for Daisuke to go to that meeting all morning, luckily - you had faked that you were asleep. Truth be told you were exhausted from the lack of sleep you got yesterday, so it wasn't all a lie that you were tired. When he left, you did what nobu told you to do; and that was leaving the tracking device in the drawer after nobu showed it to you, also looking for a good hidden spot to hide your care package. You hurried over to the kitchen counter grabbing the phone that was gifted from Daisuke noticing that it was a message from Nobu, you gasped pressing the shut off button having it face down in the counter running to Daisuke's bedroom hugging the pillow that you used to make it look like it was you closing your eyes.

Your ears perked up hearing a door open being shut right after. You didn't even look at the time to know how long you should pretend to be asleep. You heard footsteps approach the room Letting your whole body relax, Daisuke sighed sitting on his side of the bed looking at your sleeping face. He moved your hair out of your face smiling as he leaned in planting a kiss on your forehead making you turn to the other side so it looks like you were getting into a comfortable position. He chuckled quietly wishing he could be in bed with you and possibly do some things to you. He lifted himself off his bed going to his walk-in closet taking off his white collar t-shirt, as he was doing so you were curious to what he was doing since you were hearing shuffling and things being plopped on the ground. You turned to the side where Daisuke would sleep opening one of your eye seeing Daisuke's abs buttoning up a black button up shirt, you immediately turned around exhaling blushing. Daisuke had changed into black pants so it matches his top, he grabbed a black tie putting it around his neck securing it in place grabbing a jacket putting it over walking out.

"How long are you going to pretend to stay asleep?" He smiled as you flinched as he walked over to your side seeing you have the covers above your mouth. He sat down near you placing his hand where your stomach would be. "How'd you know?" He Snickered looking at your red ears. "It's not that hard to miss your red ears my love." You moved your [H/C] hair so they would be covering your ears as he leaned in planting a soft kiss on your lips. "How are you feeling?" You sat up noticing how Daisuke's eyes never left you. "I'm better." He nodded holding your hand. "How was your meeting?" He sighed heavily as his arms went around your waist bringing you close burying his head into your neck. "Awful since you weren't there." You slightly giggled slightly jumping feeling his lips on your neck. "Don't be shy, we've done far naughty things than this." He cooed planting a kiss on your neck pulling back. "Are- are you going somewhere?" He nodded sighing sounding as if he was irritated. "Sadly yes, Nobu has been saying that my father has been trying to reach me for days, so if I don't make an appearance at work he might interfere with us." He grabbed your hands lifting them up to his mouth kissing them. "You'll be okay by yourself right?" You nodded.

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