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Up top is the song I would like for you to play

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Up top is the song I would like for you to play.

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┊        ☆                  ☆           ┊

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You were beyond terrified, the once hope you had was now turned into nothing but hopelessness. Having no faith at all. Daisuke catched his breath thanking all his years of working out was finally put to good use, he slicked back his hair exhaling looking at the gun Ryuu had pointed at him still having his arm over your neck keeping you close.

Daisuke chuckled. "Even I'm a little shocked to know you finally reveal your motives and intentions." Ryuu tilted his head a bit. "Every one has their own secrets." He took a step forward making Ryuu click the gun having no reaction from Daisuke, but you had seen the look in his eyes, the look of determination to walk out of here with you and him alive. "Why? Why now? You had a full year before I came along." He scoffed. "I thought I had all the time in the world to make her love me back, unlike you and me. You had all the power and wealth ever since you were born, I on the other hand had to work to get where I am now." It was beginning to get Ryuu angry remembering his life before he met you.

The truth was - Ryuu a year ago was suicidal, Ryuu's dream at one point was to become an artist. Due to his parents money, and the part time he used to barely afford equipment, but also due to his parents relationship with each other he wasn't able to act or feel as if everything was fine. It started off small, a few arguments that every couple would have, then started to turn into fights. His dad would come home drunk leading to those fights, his mom would first take it out on the things the house had, slowly making her way to his stuff. All the stuff he bought from his saved money were all destroyed, it went even further as she started to be abusive to him. For months he had to endure such treatment that eventually he became suicidal, it wasn't helping that both his parents had gotten divorced.

It was a cold night, Ryuu had refused to go home knowing full well his own mother would start spouting cruel things no one wishes to hear, and to the point where she would start being physical. It was a bridge having cars drive under it as Ryuu wondered if he ended it all. Would anyone miss him? His own mother would blame him for the things she's had to endure all the years, he thought she would be somewhat grateful that he was at least helping her by getting a job, but due to him going to school and dealing with things at home he eventually got fired. His home, his job wasn't the only thing he lost and felt miserable in. He hated school with a passion, everyday people would make fun of him for having unruly red hair, yellow golden eyes. That's the reason why he was glad he wasn't a student anymore.

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