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Please play the song up top until the song is over, or when the chapter ends

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Please play the song up top until the song is over, or when the chapter ends.
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That night was by far the worst night you ever had. Daisuke's bodyguards knew what you look like now, and have sworn on their lives that they would keep you a secret; not only to have your name leaked but the fact that they misunderstood you being Daisuke's girlfriend. He had ordered more men around the building, more at the entrance, and the one that made you uncomfortable was hearing that he had issued them to stay just outside his room. These walls were very thick so they couldn't absolutely hear everything inside, but who were they to question his sudden order?

You and Daisuke were in another room since his floor was at the very top and it would take all night for you to climb all those stairs, but you could care less about the stairs. You were in the bathroom while Daisuke waited outside having his arms crossed resting his eyes wondering how he almost lost you, from the beginning he knew something was off about misa having multiple people help you try to leave him, he opened his eyes eyeing the ground thinking that people tried to take you away from him. He frowned his eyebrows in anger forming his hand into a fist wanting to punch the wall, but never again - never again was he going to leave your side, he dearly wished that you wanted him just as badly as he wanted you. His heart ached remembering the words you said to him.

'i don't love you.'

He lifted up his hand covering his right eye panting slightly heavily, it felt like he would have a panic attack, he then clenched onto his shirt where his heart would be refusing to look in a future without you. He slowly calmed down his breathing taking his hand away from his eye, he couldn't dream a life without you now. You made him feel complete in this horrible cruel world filled with all types of disgusting people, If he couldn't have you; then no one has the right to take your love. Your love was only meant for him and no one else's. He closed his eyes continuing to wait for you.

While you were in the bathtub having your knees up to your bare [S/C] chest looking at your exposed toes. Was there really no escape from all this? This future felt like it was forced onto you rather than welcoming you with open arms. You placed your chin on your knee almost feeling your lips touching your own skin. There was also the phone that by now Nobu had put in the secret opening, but you couldn't - you didn't wanna imagine what Daisuke could do to you. He looked so hurt, so sad, and so angry that you tried to leave him; and yet again, you didn't even wanna picture his reaction if you actually left the building. You only believed that a man acting and feeling the way Daisuke did towards you was only in games, where a player gets to choose their ending. It seems your on that route of getting the bad ending. You placed your forehead on your knee sighing looking at your [S/C] hand and finger's beginning to form wrinkles, you let your hand fall back into the water gritting your bottom lip feeling it quiver again. You knew Daisuke wanted to keep you safe, but all you felt was being held captive against your will. All the signs were there in front of you, you just wished you could turn back time to notice all those times where Daisuke wanted you all to himself even if it meant scaring you, even if it meant that you would trust no one else but him, and even depend on him to take care of you.

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