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Up top is the song I'd like you to play when I give the go

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Up top is the song I'd like you to play when I give the go.

┊       ┊             ┊       ┊

┊       ┊       ☆       ┊        ┊

┊        ☆                  ☆           ┊

★                                              ★

"Are you sure I'm not overdressed?" Daisuke had taken you out of the car making sure to tell his driver to take nobu home and come back waiting for him. Sometimes you wonder if he gets paid enough. He had his arm around your waist as Daisuke watched the car drive off. "[Y/N], you heard from Misa. You look perfect, you're gorgeous." He had wore a black Turtle neck having a dark grey suit jacket over followed by the matching dark grey pants with a bigger dark grey coat he had over his jacket. You smiled slightly shocked that you didn't need makeup or even get your hair done. At the entrance were two men in suits, one opening one door while the other opened the other. You still felt you shouldn't be here, Daisuke led you through the doors into the main entrance seeing a young female at a desk smiling as she knew that Daisuke will come. He held you close surprising the young female as this meeting was only supposed to have two people dining together. "This way sir." But who was she to question.


▁▂▃▅▆▇ It Is Optional You Play The Song Now. ▇▆▅▃▂▁

The young lady escorted you both to an open area that light soft piano music was being played in the background, in the back was a big bar having high chairs for those who wanted a drink. The chairs and tables were all black but on top of each table had a while cloth over it and a few hanging lights on top of a few tables and on each table held candles giving the whole place a light brown color. It was the most fanciest place you've ever been too, your breath was taken away as you smiled feeling as though you were living the life of a princess. Daisuke leaned down to you whispering. "Do you like this place?" You nodded without having a second thought, you didn't think that there would be a speck of dust anywhere, that fresh aroma smell even if nothing had been made yet. You couldn't wait to take in the smell when Something is actually being cooked. "Definitely." You whispered back as he smiled seeing your curious [E/C] eyes look up, down, side to side. He removed his arm around your waist then placing his hand on your shoulder. "If you'd like, maybe some day just the two of us can dine in a place like this." You giggled shaking your head. "That's.. no, that would be too much." With his other hand went under your chin making you slightly look up at him since the dress you were wearing came with heels. "Nothing Will never be too much for you, I'd give you anything my dear." Your face slow became red as he did not look away from your eyes meaning every word he said.

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