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◤◢◣◤◢◣ʟᴀsᴛ ʜᴏᴘᴇ◢◣◤◢◣◤

◤◢◣◤◢◣ʟᴀsᴛ ʜᴏᴘᴇ◢◣◤◢◣◤

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After that meeting, several days passed. Through those days Daisuke's been working at home, you could only think of two problems as to why he didn't go to his office for days. One being his father, anyone who would mention anything about the chairman; Daisuke's expression would turn cold filled with hatred, looking directly at him or not you could tell just by his aura. The second was Ms Iwata, after the meeting countless calls personally from her and her own assistants would call his building asking for him. It seems like Daisuke was already prepared for it, that's why he was at home. The only place that's filled with security, from top to bottom.

Or, the extra one. That one being you by his side.

Right now, you were in Daisuke's working office he had, while Daisuke was in his chair doing what he usually does. It was an rather an uncomfortable silence, his attention was on his work that he had ordered the men that went with you to Ms Iwata's  residence to have their eye on you despite you being in the same room with him. Your eyes would naturally fall on him being completely enraptured with his piles of papers stacked on top of each other, you then thought back to what he said. That he'll become the chairman for you, it had made you anxious; ever since what he's done to Nobu, you were left in the dark. There was no one left to tell you what the next move is, you were mostly worried for nobu. Daisuke had broken his ankle even making him bleed, the very sight made you wanna throw up, at the same time it made you very angry. Anything you say, the things you look at — absolutely everything you once did and the things you couldn't do now, it made you feel like a dog. Speak unless spoken to, act the way one wants you to be, all of it makes you wanna scream and yell at Daisuke. But you knew all that would be a waste of breath and emotions, you could hit, yell, be the most abusive and toxic person in the world; all of it would be forgiven, or handled. The way you thought of being handled was being locked up until you knew your lesson, even if it meant over and over again things would be taken away or your very self. Anything to make you controlled and obedient.

The very thought disgusted you, picturing yourself all over Daisuke with a collar around your neck having a chain attached to it while Daisuke was the one who had it in his very hands. It sent shivers down your spine, ever since you left the Iwata's residence, you've been having dreams — or rather nightmares. The first few weren't at all bad, you had dreamed of an actual life with Daisuke. Being in a normal relationship, where he wasn't acting and doing the things he does in the real world. The feeling felt nice, where he had loved you unconditionally. It somehow felt the dreams were like a story, your love story. You both were even married, having a new baby born; then that's when the nightmares started happening. A second later it started becoming to what you're actually going through, being held against your own will, the people being taken away. It went to the point where you were terrified of going back to sleep, your nightmares started showing Daisuke coming into a dark room and then showing yourself chained to a bed looking lifeless. You couldn't remember what he would say, but you could even feel like you'd given up. There wasn't going to be a knight in shining armor coming to rescue you how Ryuu said there would be, no — it felt like the devil cursed you sending you something else. The more you thought about it, it felt like the universe was trying to tell you what could've happened if you'd done something different, now it felt it was showing you what your outcome is. The life you could've had, was gone. And now the life you're destined to have is the darkness waiting for you at the end of the lighten path.

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