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This chapter has Slight sexual themes

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This chapter has Slight sexual themes. Skip over it if you feel uncomfortable, those who wish to read through it; read with caution.

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The next day arrived as you were in Daisuke's office sitting in on the couch he had. This office was big and spacious just like his room, Daisuke's desk was near the double doors and near the center going slightly around him as he had his laptop in front of him while files were stacked up to his right, while on his left had multiple files open multitasking, behind him were bookshelves having files of projects, and other souvenirs of his greatest accomplishments that he had up since he didn't want to take them home, behind the shelves gave lighting that made it look aesthetic. Where you would walk in, the first thing you would see is wall of glass giving you view of other buildings and of the city, where you were at there was two long vanilla couches that stretched near the large screen TV. And underneath that TV had a fireplace and with just a press of a button fire would appear, in front of the two couches was a long coffee table having two vanilla candles, and to prevent the marble floor to be scratched a large black rug was stretched until the coffee table ended and was underneath the couches, and to top it off was a white and black chandelier hanging only above the coffee table. You looked at Daisuke's area again and noticed that lights were in the ceiling giving light perfectly.

If you really thought about it, the office was describing Daisuke in a way. The whole office was a tad dark but yet light in some areas, Daisuke's desk was a dark brown color, while his chair was all black, the floor had two colors. Black being the outer with a tad bit of white designs while the inner part was a dark brown marble floor, while the walls were a dark brown color with designs.

You glanced at Daisuke being focused on paperwork and typing away on his laptop and even signing paper after paper. Last time you saw him in a full suit was before the meeting with Ms Kamei, all this time he's been wearing half sets. Your [E/C] eyes looked at his black hair seeing it parted revealing his left eye and eyebrow, your attention was brought back to the TV which you almost forgot that it was on.

"Today this morning, Mr Suzuki has brought the same girl he was seen-"

You muted it looking at the pictures that were taken today seeing Daisuke holding your hand having that same stern face while you had shades glasses, although this time you didn't have a jacket covering your [H/C] hair. You glanced at Daisuke again who didn't pay attention to you or the news, he didn't say anything to you, he only kept you close. You sighed getting up yet again forgetting that Daisuke's workers had brought you a black dress with heels, if you didn't know any better it's almost like you were going to a special meeting. Your heels made each sound as you stepped grabbing the attention of Daisuke when you headed towards the doors making him stand up. "Where are you going?" You almost jumped of the sudden voice, one second of pure silence then the next a loud voice. "Bathroom." Daisuke scooted his chair back fixing his tie going to you. "I'll go with you." You shook your head. "No Daisuke, you're really busy. I'll be fine on my own." Truth be told, you just wanted to look around, your bladder was fine. But you could barley stand the utter silence in this room.

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