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(Please excuse any Grammer or misspelling)

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The whole way there felt like gravity was pushing down on you that you wanted to collapse. Daisuke didn't try anything only to have his elbow near the door supporting his head looking through the window having no expression, no irritation or annoyance that he needed to go to this meeting; he had showed nothing as if he wanted to go to get one thing out of the way to becoming the chairman. You could see his reflection from your own window to notice his facial expression, under his eyes had small dark circles. His black hair once showing one side of his forehead and eye, was now covering his entire forehead and almost both his eyes. It was clear in both personality and looks that Daisuke was no longer the man you once knew.

The whole way there was utterly quiet, you felt incredibly hot due to the anxiety building up in you. Daisuke was no longer going to be chairman because he needed to inherit it, and pass it along through his son — Daisuke was doing this for you, he no longer took the reasoning of inheriting the chairman position because he needs to from partnerships with other wealthy people. His reasoning was you, if he was going to protect you and keep you safe — he needed to get all the power from his father. He squinted his eyes thinking to himself. Waiting for his father to die would be too long and the longer something is, the more impatient Daisuke would get.

He crossed his arms closing his eyes making you wonder what he's thinking. Daisuke obviously can't take the position if his father is still alive and breathing, much less win it over with power and money; his father had ten times more than what Daisuke has. He opened his eyes again, whatever the chairman has; the CEO inherits. All the power, the fame, the money, the protection. He glanced at you as you were quick enough to pretend you were just staring through the window as well. He thought back to what he did to Nobu, he broke his ankle and had beaten him up slightly. He scoffed quietly, a man who can't endure a little pain does not deserve to even be called a man is what Daisuke thought. A man like that does not even come close to him, that means he needs to make a call to someone who can actually handle the job.

"Mr Suzuki, we have arrived at the Iwata's residence." Daisuke opened the cars door going to your side as you knew you couldn't get out by yourself, or else it'll upset him. You sighed grabbing Daisuke's hand who smiled lovingly when looking at only you. Daisuke waved his driver to stay put till you both came back. "Mr Suzuki, I am your escort for today." A young man bowed as Daisuke wrapped his arm around you walking past the man, you glanced back at the young man who sighed quietly making it known this wasn't the first time someone has ignored them. "What did I say about looking at other men my love?" You turned your head forward again. "It's rude to leave people hanging don't you think?"

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