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Up top is the song I would like for you to play when I give the go

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Up top is the song I would like for you to play when I give the go.

┊       ┊             ┊       ┊

┊       ┊       ☆       ┊        ┊

┊        ☆                  ☆           ┊

★                                              ★

You both were back at Daisuke's beach house in the living room. Daisuke was sitting next to you with his legs crossed having wine in one hand. The slided door near the kitchen was open letting in the sound of the waves hitting the shore that relaxed you, You hummed lifting your legs up to your chest looking at the TV and under the hanging TV was a fire place that one push of a button flames rose up. "Did you enjoy yourself today?" You nodded grabbing a pillow hugging it. "I had fun today, thank you so much Daisuke." He smiled having his other arm extended along the couch. "Anything for you [Y/N]." You smiled taking out your phone that Daisuke noticed eyeing your bracelet that you not once took off. "What are you doing?" You glanced at him for a second putting your eyes back on your phone opening your contacts app. "I need to make a quick call to someone." He frowned his eyebrows leaning up to the coffee table setting down his wine. "Who's that someone?" You didn't click to call Katsu yet, but you looked at Daisuke having a serious expression almost looking like he was mad. "A friend." You stated about to press the button untill Daisuke snatched the phone out of your hand looking at the Name. "I wanted a name [Y/N], not what you call them by." His actions took you by surprise that you reached out to get it back till he stood up looking down at you. "Who's Katsu?" You frowned your eyebrows at him, Daisuke knew who Katsu was since he asked nobu himself to watch over you. But he wanted you to tell him who he was out of your mouth. "I told you Daisuke, he's my friend."

"How close are you with him?" You took the pillow out of your lap standing up slowly really questioning his behavior. Anyone who knows you or you know someone he would turn upside down. "Daisuke, what's wrong with having a friend?" It made Daisuke more upset that he knew Katsu at some point loved you and who knows if he still does now. "Do you love him?" You shook your head as he eyed your wrist. "Who gave that to you then?" Back when Daisuke went to your school in disguise, he saw all of it — he had seen Katsu putting a bracelet on your wrist, he thought nothing of it first and having it on while you both were spending time together, it had pissed him off. "Daisuke-"

"You've been taking awfully care of that bracelet, You sure he's just a Friend?" You lifted up your wrist as Daisuke put your phone in his pants pocket. "Why are you getting so worked up?" He stepped closer grabbing onto both your hands that you wanted to take back but he gripped hard enough that you didn't have strength to pull away. "Because I don't want anyone taking you away from me, I don't want anyone being by your side as I'm the only man who gets to be by your side." You tried fighting to take your hands back as he leaned in closer. "I wanna protect you from getting hurt, I don't wanna see you cry, I don't want you to overwork yourself, I want you to live a relaxing life. I can give you anything and everything you want." The things he said were starting to scare you as if he was sounding he'll lock you up from the whole world.

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