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This chapter may trigger some of you

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This chapter may trigger some of you.  if you do not wish to read it, please skip over it. Those who are reading through it, please read with caution.

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The following morning came, you did your usual morning routine grabbing your school bag sighing that today you couldn't avoid. Despite how late Daisuke brought you home you were tried, but every day that you were tired you forced yourself to get up. Early this morning, you had gotten a delivery from Daisuke and that being was your phone. There was a note he left saying he apologizes for keeping it untill now, there was nothing really different about it you had just assumed Daisuke was really busy that he didn't have time to send it back to you. Besides that - you couldn't shake off what happened last night. Your [S/C] fingers touched your lips remembering that Daisuke kissed you more than once. Your first kiss with a CEO, your heart started to beat faster that your could feel your face burn. The things he said to you last night made you question why he was okay sending you home. Not that you wanted to sleep at his house - but you did remember that he was scared not being by your side. You wondered what Daisuke felt during that moment and now when he thinks about it.

Now that you think about it, Ms Kamei suddenly changed last night. She was in a different world compared to you, but then - she turned as if she lost everything. You couldn't hear what Daisuke said to her last night since he did whisper it and the music in the background. You were worried what would Daisuke's Father might say, but then again - Daisuke had promised to you that he'll keep you safe from anything. You decided to get out of your thoughts grabbing your belongings for today, you had missed one day and in your school; missing one day can mean you're left behind.

You opened and closed your door locking it than going to school. What you didn't know was that Daisuke had watched you from the cameras giving his men the signal to start following you.

To your surprise, many students weren't making it obvious that they were talking about you. They would glance at you but would turn their heads back to their friends chatting away. You were confused that you didn't feel what the protagonist felt in movies when they were bullied or anything that was against them. It just felt like a normal day. "[Y/N]!" You turned your head around seeing Katsu run up to you panting slightly, he was an athlete and having him pant even the slightest meant that was running for quite some time. You noticed how Katsu's hair had slightly grew the last time you saw him, even though it's been a full day - maybe it's been like this and you're just barley noticing it. "Where have you been? Ryuu and I were trying to get a hold of you." You bit the tip of your tongue having your hands together really considering if you should tell Katsu that you were with Daisuke.

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