Chapter 2

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Yulia's POV:

Deviance! Yeah, it was just a deviation since I didn’t expect any of this, I just wanted to pretend it didn’t happen.

“It’s just…nothing happened…”

“What didn’t happen?”

“I think I said it before, but this is a common and natural thing among men and women.”

Even I thought it was a ridiculous excuse, not all men and women had this kind of accident.

I didn’t have the courage to make eye contact.

Even if we spent the night together, he was the villain in the original story. If possible, I hoped I would no longer get entangled with him.


I was surprised, not because of his voice rather the look he had. I felt afraid of those eyes.

The villain in the original novel, Duke of Chester Siegbert.

Losing his parents at a young age, and a young heir that inherited his family, his relatives scrambled to take his position.

Not only that ,the young boy was forced to take part in the empire’s conquest for war.

Not only did he return, he came back to the empire as a war hero at a young age.

As soon as he returned to the empire, he personally beheaded all his relatives who threatened his place with the sword he used on the battlefield.

It was said that he killed them while looking down at them with a cold expression.

It was so cool and scary that I thought maybe the eyes of that time were the same as those of now.

“You don’t want me to take responsibility?”


I was so scared that my lips couldn’t move.

I thought I should answer that, so I nodded and expressed my affirmation.

But what the hell is this ominous feeling? He stared at me threateningly.

“Then shouldn’t you be responsible for me?”


Did I perhaps hear it wrong or something?

I couldn’t fathom what I just heard, so I wanted to deny it, but reality made me face the harsh truth.

“Yulia, you have to take responsibility for me.”

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