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At the same time a throbbing pain in my head occured, something hard wrapped around my waist.

I managed to lift up my heavy eyelids that I couldn’t open, and a man’s arm holding my waist tightly entered my eyesight.

I couldn’t remember what happened yesterday.

All I can remember was drinking alcohol but after that, nothing remained in my memory, as if my consciousness was cut off.

I could feel back throbbing and saw myself naked without a single thread.

Above all, there was a man next to me who was also undressed, so I could predict what had happened.

My heart was pounding. This pounding didn’t come from excitement, but out of fear that my father would have known I stayed out.

Well, I am a grown adult now. I’m twenty years old, and one mistake can be made. 

However, If I snuck out before this man woke up, I would be able to treat what happened yesterday as something that never occurred.

“I’m sure that it’s hard to move, but seeing you move normally, it must have been a lie to say that you couldn’t do it anymore yesterday.” 


Pitch black hair. A frighteningly handsome man with blood-red eyes was staring intently at me.

I blinked because I didn’t understand the situation yet.

“Why are you making such an innocent expression as if you don’t know anything? Don’t tell me everything that happened last night was a violation of me.”

“…… No. It probably isn’t.”

I just had no memories of last night. However, because there was a piercing gaze in the corner, I rolled my eyes around and avoided his gaze as much as possible.

But wouldn’t that have been an offensive act to this man?


“…… yes, maybe.”

“If you don’t remember, it wouldn’t hurt to remind you.”

He climbed on top of me, and stared at me with blood-red eyes that gleamed insidiously.

His starving beast-like eyes looked like he would eat me any moment, which terrified me.

I tried to push him off, but he didn’t budge.

“Your name……”

“Chester. Well, last night you cried and hung around me, calling me Chester. You can call me whatever you desire.”

“…… Chester?”

I was nervous, but I shouldn’t have been. 

Black hair and blood-red eyes. Although it was the emblematic color of the Duke of Siegbert, it wasn’t a very rare color.

“Yes, Chester.”

“…… Duke Chester Siegbert?”

No, it’s not. Don’t lie to me. Well, yes, they might share the same name.

The name Chester was not unique to Duke Siegbert but I felt an ominous foreboding. 




No, that’s crazy! Why are you here, you’re the villain! And why were you lying in bed with me last night?!

Everything was hopeless.

But I wasn’t even allowed time to despair.

“I’m not trying to bully you at all, so don’t be afraid.”

As he spoke, the eyes looking down at me were filled with burning desires.

My body trembled at the knee that dug between my legs.

I felt like a herbivore in front of a predator. My whole body was stiff and my nerves were on edge.

A large hand carefully caressed my chin.

“Relax, Yulia.”

An exceptionally sweet voice penetrated my ears.

As soon as our gazes entangled, his lips overlapped mine.

The sensation of his tongue penetrating into the gaps between her lips felt unfamiliar.

Her body stiffened as he moved in every corner of her mouth 

Feeling my stiffness, he gently stroked my cheeks as if to reassure me.


When my head started getting dizzy, his lips fell off.

It was only then that I could breath fresh air.

When she tried to return original breathing state by exhaling and inhaling her disorganized breath, she frowned, feeling a strange sensation from the back of her head.


A large hand covered my hand.

I could feel with my whole body what it meant to be uncomfortable that I couldn’t move.

A faint groan leaked out of her mouth as a dizzying tremor wrapped around her head.

I bit my lower lip with my teeth to swallow the groan as much as I could.

“You’ll hurt your lips, don’t bite yourself.”

At the last words which resounded warmly in my ears, my breath suffocated and I was engulfed by unfamiliar stimuli. 

I closed my eyes tightly under the pressure that tightened my body.

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