Chapter 39

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Yulia's POV:

“Princess, I’m ready. You have to get up now!”

“Huh… already?”

As expected, my dad is quick to act.

Yesterday I wanted to go on a trip, so he prepared everything in one day.  

“… Ah. I’m still very tired.”

“Sleep in the carriage. The carriage is enchanted, so you won’t get motion sickness even for a long time.”

“… Yes.”

I changed my clothes and went outside.  

Then what I saw in reality is different from my expectations. I didn’t think that the scale would be this big.

Why are there so many escort knights? 

It felt like my head was throbbing, but I just dismissed it.

There’s nothing bad about having a lot of escorts. And it means that my dad is worried about me, so it was enough to take it well.

I was escorted and got into the carriage.  

When I heard the door shut, I covered my face with both hands. 

“Haha, what should I do?”

There is no way I can get away from the villain anymore. I have no choice but to entrust my fate to the heaven. 

Why am I worried about this? It’s a losing war anyway, but why do I think that he’ll win and come back?

This is why my thoughts are scary.

 “Well, I’m going on a trip now anyway.”

I’ll just have to go there with the mindset of having fun.  

Shouldn’t I go on a trip with the mindset of taking a break? Don’t think about anything, just think about myself.

Maybe I should empty my mind and come back.

 He’ll be on the battlefield anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about in the meantime.  

So, it would be better to enjoy it as much as I can before he comes, right?  

Let’s just think of myself.

“… Ha.”

I grabbed my head tightly with my hair in anxiety.

“What should I do?”

That won’t happen. It really shouldn’t happen, but… What if the villain really wins the war and returns? There was really no way to escape. No, there was only one. Escape this world! My death!

Dying is the only escape. If I am completely bound by the villain, I will never be able to be happy.  

It’s because we had no relationship before, so I guess that’s natural.

I closed my eyes and saw my future.  

A very dark future welcomed me.  

The ending of the character named Yulia is to face eternal misery.

Still, I wanted to live longer while receiving a lot of love from the family. 

I wanted to live with a lot of love from the people around me.

“I want to live.”

A beautiful cloud spread out in the sky seen from the window of the carriage. My attention were taken by the clear sky. I’m not going to die. I will survive! 

“I don’t want to die.”

For me and my family. 

I’m going to do my best to prevent the ending of the Beatrice royal family from facing the ending of the original. If I have to kill the villain to avoid the ending of the original, I’m willing to do so.

Perhaps marriage to the villaim was the best way to keep an eye on him. 

So don’t be too depressed. Let’s not think too negatively but think positively! 

“…. He just need ti die in the battlefield.” 

Then there won’t be any danger, because he was a man full of deceit. 

I hope he just die because I can’t read his emotions at all.

I couldn’t help but regret trying to believe what he said about loving me because I thought it was sincere.

I can’t believe I almost fall for such a sweet lie even though I already knew the original stoey. 

If I really didn’t hear that, I would have believed it. 

I almost believed in the words that he would pledge loyalty to the imperial family in front of my dad at the New Year’s festival. 

But I won’t be fooled anymore. I won’t fall for that handsome face.

“The weather is nice.” 

But wouldn’t this trip be fun? If the weather is not bad, wouldn’t it be a pleasant trip? 

With the expectation of being able to shake off this anxiety, I hope I can fully eliminate my worries on this trip. That will be enough.

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