Chapter 56

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Yulia's POV:

The Crown Princess was already announced as Cecil and now they’re preparing for the marriage.

At that time, news came to me like bolt out of the blue.

The news that Cecil’s father died came to me. 

At the same time as I was sad about the death of my friend’s father, I felt anxious that the original story was coming back. 

Rather than worrying about my future, worrying about my friend came first. 

After changing clothes, I headed with my brother to the place where Cecil’s father’s funeral took place. 

My brother put a white flower in front of the portrait. 

After the offering, my brother headed to Marquess Chloe and I headed to Cecil.

 “Cecil… I’m here.”

Before marrying my brother, the female lead’s father died like the original. 

I didn’t hear the reason, but according to the original, Cecil’s father was murdered. 

They didn’t know who killed him. 

The criminal who murdered the female lead’s father did not appear until the novel was completed.

 “Ah… Yulia.” 

But in the end, the story went as it was. 

Just because the female lead and my brother are getting married, did you think that once Chester whispered that he loved me, the original won’t go as planned?

 I’m foolish too.

I was fooled by my determination to escape from the original story. 

This time, it made me face the fact that our  fate did not change. That fate never changes.

“It’s okay Cecil. You can cry out loud.” 


“Yes, you’re very sad, right?” 

I came to pay my respects, but I couldn’t stay for a long time because of my status. Above all, many mourners gathered besides me, and my brother came with me. 

When I looked around, there was also Chester.

There’s no way he won’t come because he’s in the same faction as them.

This is how the villain became obsessed with the female lead. 

At the news of the female lead’s father’s death, he came to the funeral to meet the female lead.

And after the funeral, he showed symptoms of obsession with her. 


When I saw Cecil crying in person, the sadness was transmitted to me. 

Cecil was crying so sadly that even I wanted to cry.

After Cecil cried out, she gradually regained his composure. 

Yes. She can cry in my arms. I know the pain of losing someone precious. I remembered the past when I wanted to cry in someone’s arms, but I couldn’t. 

“Yulia, you should go back now.”

“It’s fine, we’re friends. I can give you my dress.” 


I understand why the female lead becomes the female lead. 

Because even just her crying like this made me want to hug her. 

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