Chapter 9

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Yulia's POV:

The Duke of Siegbert sent you a letter of courtship.”

I choked on my tea.

The tea in my mouth flowed out of my mouth, and the teacup in my hand fell to the floor and shattered to pieces.

It seemed to represent my feelings.

I couldn’t understand what the hell he was trying to do. He said he would keep it a secret for a while!

If you don’t want to, I’m thinking of using it as firewood’

Dad, I’ve been telling you! I’m going to live with you  and brother forever!”


“Isn’t it different from other aristocratic daughters?”


“Of course! I’m going to live with you and brother for the rest of my life!”


“Other noble daughters said they would live with their father for the rest of their lives, but eventually, they left with their fiancées in the end.”


“You’re worried for nothing. Burn the ominous courtship letter.”

I wish I could burn it and get rid of it, because it made me psychologically uneasy if the letter existed.

I hope I don’t get tangled up with the villain from now on, but why do I have a bad feeling?

Yulia by the way, if it’s the Duke of Siegbert, I’ll trust you and leave it to you.”

No, I don’t want to. No way.”


“……Yes. If you’re so adamant, I’ll use it as firewood.”

Why would you say such a terrible thing?

I suspect it’s someone else, because why would my father try to tie me up with him.

But It’s not anyone else, it’s my dad! 

Yulia, Duke of Siegbert is not that scary.”


“Dad knows that there is someone I’m waiting for. Until that person shows up, I said I’d live with my dad and brother for the rest of my life.”

I really don’t remember him, but I was glad that he existed.

Because he was such a good excuse.

My father always tries to not let me leave the Imperial City because he wants to protect my innocence and pure heart.

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