Chapter 49

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Yulia's POV :

The sun woke me up.  

Of course, I was still sleepy, so I didn’t open my eyes.


 The soft touch felt on my cheek and body made me feel cozy.

Obviously it shouldn’t be this cozy, I had to sleep on the ground, so why do I feel like I’m sleeping on a bed?

 As soon as I thought of that, my eyes widened.


 No matter how much I looked around, it was a place I had  ever seen before. 

There was no Chester next to me, and I was the only one in the room.

Also when did I change clothes?  

I was wearing only one shirt, but now I was wearing a chemise.

Did I even wash my body unconsciously?  

My body smelled good and there was no discomfort felt.

When I got out of bed and held the doorknob to get out, the door was opened.


 “Is your body okay?” 

“ … Maybe? There is no pain.”

 “I see. I’ll bring you food here.”

 He left again. I was now alone in an unfamiliar room.

I carefully opened the window to see where this place was, and a gentle breeze blew through the open window.

The scenery outside was unfamiliar too.

 “Where is it really?”

“If you’re curious, would you like to take a look after dinner?”

I heard Chester’s voice behind me.

 “Eat breakfast first. When you’ve finished eating, I’m leaving.”

 When I turned around, I saw plates set on the table.  

How did he enter the room without a sound?

I sat down in the chair he pulled out and picked up the tableware.

I just put it inside my mouth as I chewed and swallowed it.

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