Chapter 51

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Yulia's POV:

The moment I saw him, my whole body hardened.

His face, which was clean yesterday, was stained with blood.

My body trembled due to fear.

Perhaps that blood was not caused by an injury, but it was the blood of someone he killed.


It was my brother’s voice that woke me up from my stupor. 

He put down his hood and threw his robe away. 

The brilliant silver hair, a symbol of the imperial family, shone under the moonlight.

Then he took out a sword he had been hiding. 

However, the fact that my brother appeared and pulled out a sword meant that he was prepared for death. 



He let go of my hand. The warmth felt in my hand disappeared. 

“But, but…”

“I’ll buy some time. Run away and never look back.” 

The sword my brother was holding was shining.

As he was about to swing it, he said,

“Yulia. Make sure you survive. I’m sorry… this is the only thing our father and I can do for you.”

After a while, my brother’s words started to sink in and I ran as hard as I could.

 Behind me, I heard the clashing sound of the swords. 

After a while, the sound died down but I couldn’t turn around.

I just looked ahead and ran. 

As soon as I looked back, I was sure I couldn’t move a step.

Even if my legs faltered, my body staggered, my lungs felt like it was torn, I kept on running. I shouldn’t cry, but the liquid flowed down and wet my cheek.

The liquid was mixed with the snow and rain that fell on me.

The tears wetting my cheeks slowly froze at the icy temperature.

Right now, I’m heading to the only place that can get me out of this castle.

Only a few people know of its existence.

Therefore, it was the last hope for me to survive.

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