Chapter 41

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Yulia's POV:

I turned my head slowly and looked at him.

I immediately saw the villain, who looked very unhappy. 

“…… I was on my way back from my trip.”

“Is that so?” 

He really lived. He also led the empire to victory in just six months and returned. 

He was really monstrous. 

“I’ll take you home.” 

“I can go alone though?”

“I want to go with you. I have to see His Majesty too.” 

He held out his right hand in front of me. 

Judging from what he said, he did not go to the castle as soon as he returned. 

No, I didn’t understand how he knew that I was here.

“…But how did you know I was here?” 

“I saw you on the way.” 


Lie. It was an obvious lie. 

This was quite far from his residence.

It is also a place far from the castle.

And above all, he smelled like soap instead of blood. 

As soon as he came to the capital, it seemed like he went home and washed up.

Seeing that his clothes are clean, he must have changed.

“I need to go to the castle, so I’d like to go with the princess.”


“Isn’t it fate to meet like this?”

I glanced at the male lead behind me.

“I think I should go now…” 

“You don’t have to worry about me.” 

“I’m sorry. When I had time later…”

I wanted to say let’s meet again, but I closed my mouth. 

There was the villain behind me. 

Even though they were friends, if I made such remarks in front of the villain, he seemed like the type to kill his friend casually. 

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