Chapter 35

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Yulia's POV:

“I have told the emperor in advance, but I will use this opportunity to say it once again.”

What is he talking about?

I turned my head in anxiety and looked to see where my dad was. I couldn’t read my dad’s expression easily.

I didn’t know the villain’s thoughts, but I couldn’t read my dad’s thoughts either.

“If I win the war, please make the princess my wife.”

Startled by that statement, I got up from my chair.

How could my ominous premonition never go wrong?

I looked at my dad urgently, but it seemed that he already knew.

Maybe the reason dad and the villain came together earlier was because they discussed making an announcement at an official event. “Yulia. If you don’t want that request, I can say no.”

Since he had already finished speaking before, there were no words of denial.

And maybe it was like an opportunity.  

A chance to be safe from the death by the villain.

Hence, there was no reason to hesitate.  There is no way that the main frame of the original will change.

Because I know this war will never be won. 

I just had to accept it.  

But why is my mouth not moving?

Only after I bit my lower lip did I be able to speak.

 “…… I will accept your request.”

Wasn’t it already said before?  

So, please don’t make me regret my choice.

If the flow of the original story is followed, the villain won’t win and returns from the war with defeat. 

Actually, dying on the battlefield is the best ending for me, but I knew the villain wouldn’t be that easy to die.

So I had to be content with him just losing and coming back.

“The princess has accepted the request, so there is no reason to object.”

Why do I have another ominous feeling?  Why do I feel so anxious?

“Let’s all enjoy the party.”

After dad’s words, the quiet party hall began to become noisy.

As expected, it was uncomfortable because there were so many people.

“I’ll come get some air. I can go alone!”


I thought it would calm down if I went to a place where there were no people, so I moved.

At first, I tried to go outside, but because of my identity, I moved to the terrace instead of outside.

It felt like I could breathe a little bit as I felt the cold air from the terrace. At that moment, a hand touched my shoulders.

“Who is it?”


It was the villain.


“What are you doing when you come here looking so pretty?”


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