Chapter 52

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Yulia's POV:


My eyes were wide open. I could clearly feel the sound of my heart pounding. 

In order to calm my heart, I took a deep breath with my hand on my heart. 


Why did I have such a vivid dream?

Now that I think about it, the novel doesn’t describe how Chester rebelled and what Yulia went through.

However, it was too vivid to dismiss it as a mere dream. Yet it’s not like Yulia’s experience in the novel.

I was thinking that maybe my past life is a dream instead and it’s not real.

No. I shouldn’t have thought that way.

In my previous life, I lived happily with the love of my family in Korea until I died. 

Yes! It was just a warning from a dream. 

Let’s not believe it.

If I believed it, I was implying that my ending was death. 

“Why are they doing this to me?” 

This is a novel! And the flow has already changed. 

Obviously in the book, Yulia was obsessed with Chester, and he hated Yulia for acting like that. 

Everything was already different from the first meeting with him. But Chester is still preparing for a rebellion?

When many thoughts were in my head, I heard the door opening.


It was Chester.

But why does my body keep trembling? 

My heart, which had barely calmed down, began to pound Where did the fear come from? 

“Yulia, are you feeling well?” 

My head was pounding again. The moment I saw his face again, I remembered the blood…

My body froze. 

I remembered his face which was full of blood, and his black gloves that were wet with blood. 

His eyes stared at me coldly. 

When I remembered that he had slaughtered my family and nanny with that hand, I got goosebumps all over my body. 

It was creepy. My hands were shaking. 

As he slowly approached me, I instinctively stepped back into the corner of the bed. 

Even though I knew it was a dream, I couldn’t calm down. 

Blood was gathering from where he walked.

“Are you sick?” 

He stopped talking and did not approach me anymore. 

I closed my eyes tightly because of the hallucination. 

When I opened my eyes again, Chester was bare-handed without gloves, and his face was clean without any blood. 

Everything was a dream. 

I was relieved only then. 

My trembling body gradually regained strength. 

I carefully got out of bed, stood still, and reached out to him


Yes. It’s true that you’re looking at me with affectionate eyes. So… dreams are just dreams. It’s just a story in a novel.

So there’s no reason to be anxious. 

Chester pulled my waist tightly, hugged me, and buried his face on my shoulder.

His hair tickled the bare skin of my shoulders. 

“Yulia. I was worried.”

“I’m fine now. I’m sorry to make you worry.” 

“We shouldn’t have gone to a crowded place.” 

“It’s not because of you.” 

Yes. The Chester I know is someone who cares about me like this. 

He is not the Chester in a novel who saw me with such cold eyes, made an insensitive expression, and killed my precious people in front of my eyes.

And unlike Chester in the novel, the Chester I know says he loves me.

“We better come back.” 


“I don’t want to see you suffer.” 

I dug further into Chester’s arms. 

His arms were so warm that I wanted to feel the warmth with my whole body. 

I could hear his pounding heart in my ears. 

His heart is beating for me like this, and it can’t be a lie when he said I love you. 

I chose to trust in a warm reality instead of a sinister nightmare.


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