Chapter 55

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Yulia's POV:

A few days after the date with Chester, my brother’s marriage partner was suddenly decided.

I felt something strange, but I was curious about who the marriage partner was, so I headed to my brother’s office.



“Brother, I heard you’re getting married! Who are you marrying?” 

“Oh, did that already go into your ears?”

“What? Did you try to hide it from me?” 

“No, if you found out, it means everyone knows it now.” 

Was I really such a hermit? 

“So who’s going to marry you?”

“Your friend.”

“My friend?

” “Yes.” 

I only had one friend.

“Cecil Chloe?”


“What? Really?” 

“Um… I don’t know how you will react.” 

“Why? Why are you marrying my friend?” 

I wondered why. 

“Is it because of political reasons?” 

“That’s a big reason. And above all, my father is weak to the Duke of Blair family. “

I don’t know in detail because I’m not interested in politics, but the male lead’s family was still more politically influential. 

Therefore, he seemed to marry and try to balance their power.

There is no princess the same age as her older brother, but for the position of the Crown Princess, she must be at least a lady, a Marquis’ daughter, so the lady who met the conditions was probably Cecil.

Above all, she was like the center of society as she played an important role as a heroine. 

“…I like it!” 

I was surprised, but my worries weren’t that long. 

What if Cecil really marries him? 

The ending of the novel I knew might be completely changed. 

Does that mean the ending of me and him will change too? 

Me, my brother, and my dad will not die and live happily? 

“I’m grateful if you think so.” 

“But are you really marrying Cecil?”

“I won’t do it if you don’t want to.”

“No! I want my brother to get married.” 

“Okay. Too bad, I wouldn’t have done it if you told me not to marry.” 

“Are you really not going to do it because I told you not to?” 

Of course, even in the novel, my brother is not really married. 

“Yes. I won’t do it if you tell me not to, Yulia.” 

Maybe in the novel, Yulia begged her brother not to get married. 

But if my brother and Cecil get married, will my brother become the male lead, not an extra who dies with me? 

Again, the scene from the dream was played. At the same time, I felt pain in my head. 



Suddenly a memory of the novel character Yulia came to mind.

But why are they showing me these memories now? 

I didn’t understand. Why are they telling me such terrible things? 

Is it implying that it is the future I will experience? 

Or should I try hard not to experience such a future?

“Yulia! Are you okay?”

“Doctor! Doctor!” 

“No…I’m fine.” 

“What do you mean, you’re okay? My mother always said it was okay too…!” 

My brother stopped talking after realizing what he said. I looked at him. 

He still feels uncomfortable talking about his mother in front of me. 

I need to go out now. 

I shook off the past, but my brother still seemed to have not escaped. 

My brother hugged me tightly. 

“Sorry, sorry. I’m sorry, Yulia.” 

“Brother. I’m suffocating!” 

“Oh, I’m sorry.” 

“It’s okay. So don’t overreact for no reason.” 

I patted my brother on the back. 

He was taller than me and got older, but he really seemed like a child at times like this. 

It’s as if he was weakened after his mother’s death. 

“Brother. I’m not sick. I’m very healthy.” 


“Yes. I can’t die easily.” 

“Yes, Yulia. You must never leave.”

“I know. I won’t leave neither my dad nor my brother.”

I won’t leave them. 

I don’t want them to sacrifice for me like that terrible dream. 

I want everyone to live and be happy. 

But it feels too real to ignore the dream.

“So Yulia, if you’re sick, you have to tell me.” 

“Yes. I got it.”

 “Don’t be sick…”

Yes. I hope our ending will be different from the book I remember. 

I hope my precious family will not die and live happily with me. 

All I want is the well-being of my precious family.

Is this too much? 

I don’t expect much.

If it is a crime for us to live with such a nice fate, I would be happy to commit a crime.


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