Chapter 10

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Yulia's POV:

“You’re the person from yesterday, right?”

At my question, he smiled languidly as if he was having fun. He then pushed his face closer to mine.

“Hm….. I don’t know?”

That’s right, the intruder who came yesterday was the villain.

I didn’t know that, and thought it was my brother. I was an idiot who couldn’t even tell the difference between my older brother and the villain.

“I originally didn’t have a hobby of touching sick people.”

He said something meaningful. At the same time, his lips overlapped mine.

It was quite different from yesterday.

If yesterday’s kiss was a rough, possessive kiss that didn’t give you a chance to breathe till you suffocated, now it’s a soft and gentle kiss.

It felt so different that I suspected that people had changed. And it wasn’t that I didn’t hate it.

It felt so different that I doubted if it was the same person. On the contrary, I didn’t exactly dislike it.

“I want to touch you when you act so pretty.”

He smiled alluringly like a languid wolf. I felt like I was going to be possessed.

It was only now that I realized what had happened. My face seemed to be burning up.

I thought I would be in danger if I was close to him.

I had no choice but to be wary of him, so I pushed him away from me. 

“There’s a saying that a cold will get better if you move it.”

“…If you’re going to make a weird move, don’t.”

“You don’t have to worry. Still, I don’t have a bad smell that bothers sick people so you don’t have to be so wary.”

I didn’t believe his words because they weren’t reliable.

“I’m not going to eat you right now.”


“I’m here because I’m really worried about you. I’ll send you a present tomorrow.”

He smoothed my hair and kissed it. I felt burdened by the way he stared at me.

It wasn’t my favorite face, but it was heartless to ignore such a handsome face.

If it hadn’t been for that face, I wouldn’t have had such a  major accident or something I couldn’t ignore like this.

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