Chapter 50

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Strangely, I couldn’t sleep today.  

Am I seriously ill that he would not even come to visit for a day or two?

I thought I would get better if I got some wind, so I put on my coat and went out to the terrace.

A cool breeze blew past me.

“It’s snowing.”

When I stretched out my hand to check it, it was raining mixed with snow.

If I breathe outside for a long time, I may catch a cold.

As soon as I turned back, I instantly felt strange.

The imperial castle, which should have been quiet, was strangely noisy.

There was a scream from somewhere and a strange fishy smell.  

The lights were also swaying. My hand instantly trembled. 

At that moment, the door swung open and my nanny hurriedly called out to me, breathing heavily.

“Princess! You must run away.”


“There is no time to relax here! You don’t have time to change clothes, so just put on a cape here. And run away no matter what!”

The nanny put a cape on me, she grabbed my wrist and took me somewhere.

When I arrived, my brother was there.

“Brother? What about dad?”


 My brother hugged me with a firm face.

 “Father told us to stay here.”

“What’s happening now?”

“It’s a coup.”

My heart nearly stopped.


“It’s caused by Duke Siegbert. I prepared a horse outside the castle. You can immediately see it.”

 “Brother, why are you saying that?”

 “If possible, I want to run away with you, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with people.”


“Don’t stop no matter what and just leave.”

My brother’s face was so serious that I couldn’t say anything.

“You have to hurry as our father will buy you time.”

I held my brother’s hand tightly and ran together in the darkness.

“Yulia, you just need to live. If father, me and the people are all dead, don’t dream of revenge and live.”


 “Don’t die, live, that’s…  father’s will.”

He forced his legs to move as if he was about to die soon. 

I quickly ran.

I didn’t want to survive alone, I wanted to live with my brother.  

If only I get out of the Imperial Palace safely, my brother and I will be able to survive. 

So I ran while holding my brother’s hand tightly.

But that hope was soon shattered.

I heard the loud sound of footsteps and shouts. 

That alongside the sound of blades clasing.


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