Chapter 8

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Yulia's POV:

The goal of my life was to live happily while being loved by my father and brother.

And I thought it would be nice if the boy I saw when I was young came back.

The boy who didn’t appear in the original story, who I saw when I was very young, looked like my age, and I didn’t even remember his face.

“Princess… you’re not waiting for the boy you don’t even know the name of?”

“That’s just an excuse. I want to live with my dad and brother for a long time.”

I meant it, I loved the affection my family gave me.

Is it because I grew up receiving love from my family in my previous life?

Whether the feelings lingered lingering in this life, I felt that the relationship between my family and me was important.

It seemed regrettable that I couldn’t even say goodbye.

“And you know I didn’t mean to get married in the first place, nanny.”

“That’s right, normally, if it were a princess, the debut would have been very glamorous.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

I’m sure my father had given me his full support to make my debut in the most superfluous way.

But I wanted to live quietly.

It was better to live quietly like a sheep than to live in a complicated head fight because you were noticed by other people.

And you can often meet and have friends…..

“But my nanny knows best that I’m satisfied with this life.”

“……It’s a shame.”

I felt a little guilty.

I started getting drowsy, and felt sleepy. Even though I slept before, I didn’t sleep well and I was stressed, so I deserved this nap.

After bathing, I changed into my pajamas. What’s different from my usual, was that this nightgown completely covers from the neck to the wrists and ankles.

It was a little frustrating, but I couldn’t do anything. His traces remained intact like a stigma all over my body.


“I’m tired, so I’ll sleep a little, nanny. Wake me up if Father and Brother come.”


Her eyes showed that Nanny was deeply worried about me.

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