Chapter 2: Self improvement

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"Mama, papa we're here for lunch! And I have a surprise for you." Marinette announced.

Sabine and Tom looked up and was surprised to see Felix by her side.

"Felix, how are you? What are you doing here? I thought you were in London." Sabin greeted.

"I'm great thanks for asking, I actually just transferred here. I didn't want Mari to go through any hard ships during her last year, so I decided to move and be with her, yeah know spend our last year of high school together since we won't know whether we'll be accepted into the same universities or not."

"Felix my boy! Great to see you." Tom exclaimed.

Felix chuckled, "Great to see you to Tom, by the way I smell macarons."

Tom laughed and lead Felix to the kitchen.

Marinette and the other's went inside the living room and sat down while Tom, Felix, and Sabine too out some pastries.

"Your parents and Felix have a good relationship." Kagami commented.

Marinette nodded, "I know I feel so lucky, too bad he's related to Adrien."

"I know right, Felix is such a hunk while Adrien, well let's just say that compared to Felix Adrien still looks like a child."

Felix came in with a bunch of pastries while Tom came out with some coffee. Marinette and Nino stood up and took it off their hand putting them on the table. As Felix sat down Marinette scootched closer to him.


Marinette took out her phone, a smile appeared on her face as she read through her text. Felix peeked through her phone and asked, "Who is it?"

"My cousin he said he and his friends are on the plane on their way here."

"By the way you said that he has a vacation house here, does that mean he's rich?" Chloe asked

Marinette nodded, "Very, he's the heir to their family's company, him being a model is just a past time."

"What about is girlfriend and friend?"

"Same goes for them as well."

Marinette giggled at her friend's faces.

They all ate their lunch and left when they noticed that class was about to start. Marinette was about to enter the class but was stopped by Adrien, she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Can I help you?" She asked suspiciously.

Adrien then looked at Felix glaring at him before turning back to Marinette, "I want to talk to you, alone."

Felix looked at Marinette unsure, she just gave him a reassuring smile and told him to go in first. He reluctantly let go of her hand and went inside.

"Okay now what do you want you've got 1 minute starting now." She said as she started a timer.

"Why didn't you tell me you were dating my cousin?" He asked.

Marinette rolled her eyes, "Because it's none of your business."

"Wha-" "Oh would look at that your one minute is up so bye bye."

Adrien grabbed Marinette's hand pulling her back causing her to stumble, she finally got fed up. She grabbed his arm and twisted it.

"Ow what the hell! Let go of me!" He screamed.

Marinette pushed him off and said, "Never lay a hand on a women without her permission."

Marinette entered the classroom and the first thing she sees is Lila trying to flirt with her boyfriend. She marched up to the brunette and pushed her off the chair and on to the ground.

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