Chapter 10: Is it crossing the line?

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Adrien was freaking out in the bathroom; he washed his face at least 10 times but the redness still won't go away, not only was his ace now red but there's little bumps on it too. His face burned and he didn't know why, he tried to think back and remembered the face cream that Sasuke had given him. He punched the sink and marched towards the class in anger.

Naruto who was walking back to class noticed Adrien from afar and ran towards the class signaling the gang to take out their phones. Naruto was snickering at the thought of Adrien bursting through the door ready to yell or sorts of things.

Adrien slammed the door open, he scanned the room and yelled, "WHERE'S THE UCHIHA!"

"Oh my god Adrien what happened?" Lila asked worriedly. When she tried to grab his arm he swatted her away like the bug she was.

"Woah Adrien dude." Nino laughed, "What, um, what happened to your face did you bathe in poison ivy or something?"

Nathaniel walked up to Adrien and took a closer look at his face, smirked, "You look like a tomato and that's saying something from me."

Nathaniel flashed his phone out and took a couple of picture. Adrien tried to take the phone but Nathaniel's reflexes were much quite than that.

"Eits, nice try."

Adrien glared at the boy, "Give it back."

Nathaniel glanced at him as he looked at the picture, he smirked and said, "Yeah, I don't think so, I think I will keep this, I think the paparazzi would absolutely adore this."

Adrien glared at Sasuke, he pointed to the boy and yelled, "YOU! You did this to me!"

Sasuke shrugged, "And what if I did?"

Sasuke slowly walked down the steps and said, "The cream reacted faster than I remember."

"Why the hell are you doing this?"

Sasuke gave him a thoughtful look and said, "Why?" Sasuke chuckled, he grabbed Adrien by the collar and said, "Cause you tried to mess with my family, and let me tell you, no on messes with my family."

"Let go of me." Adrien muttered as he tried to get away from him, "I SAID LET GO OF ME."

Naruto then stood by Sasuke and said, "Now why would he do that? You tried to hurt our friend."

"Ne, Mari-chan what do you think we should do to a bastard like him." Sakura asked as she gave her a dark smirk.

"Guys isn't this too much?" Marinette said as she worriedly looked at the three.

Chloe then snaked her arms around Marinette and said, "Marinette, there's not suck thing as too much when it comes to these guys."

"Marinette, they beat you down and humiliated you, don't you think you should do the same?" Juleka reminded.

Marinette thought about it and said, "Post the picture."

Nathaniel took out his phone and did as he was told. Adrien tried to grab Nathaniel but was held back by Naruto and Sasuke.

Alya looked at them in shock, "You guys are out of line."

Marinette slowly turned to Alya, she gritted her teeth and asked, "Are we? Are we out of line? Compared to what you did to me."

"Marinette, you've changed." Alya stated as she approached her.

Marinette scoffed, "Of course I've changed, you MADE me change."

Marinette slowly walked to her and said, "You beat me down even when I pleaded and begged for you to stop, you ruined my reputation, you destroyed me from inside out." Standing in front of Alya, with tears running down, "After all that you expect me to still be the bigger person?"

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