Chapter 20: Next Step

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The next day Marinette was over the moon, she arrived to class with starry eyes. When Lila saw this she inwardly gagged, she didn't like the fact that Marinette is so happy. Alya on the other hand wasn't so discreet with her disgust.

Alya shoved Marinette to the ground and said, "Oops sorry didn't see you."

Marinette didn't say anything, she just stood up and dusted herself and continued walking up to her seat. Chloe and Kagami saw this and nearly laughed, the blonde asked, "What's got you so over the moon?"

Marinette looked of to the side and said, "Well..." She leaned to Chloe and Kagami's ears and whispered, "Felix asked me to live with him."

Both girls looked at her in shocked, "WHAT!"

Chloe grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her vigorously and yelled, "ARE YOU SERIOUS! WHEN! WHERE?"

Marinette giggled, "Yesterday after the movies when he walked me home."

Nino and Felix then came with eyebrows raised, Nino asked, "What's going on?"

When the two girls saw Felix, they jumped on him and said, "HOW DARE YOU ASK HER TO LIVE WITH YOU WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!"

The whole class turned to them, eyes widened at what they had heard.

Felix looked at Marinette and said, "You told them?"

Marinette looked at him weird and said, "They're my best friends what do you expect?"

Just then Juleka, Luka and Nathaniel came into class and saw the commotion, Nathaniel asked, "What's going on?"

Nino chuckled, "Felix asked Marinette to live with him."

"OH NO HE DIDN'T." Juleka yelled as she was about to join Chloe and Kagami but was held back by Nathaniel.

Luka looked around and asked, "Where's Sasuke?"

"Ah! Sasuke and Sakura had to attend today's fashion show as their brand representative as for Naruto I'm not sure, he probably tagged along with them."

Juleka squirmed under Nathaniel's grasped and said, "Back to the topic."

Marinette helped Felix up and answered, "Felix why don't you explain?"

Felix smiled, "I actually gave it some thought actually, I barely stay at the Agreste mansion and spent most of my time at Marinette's place, I'm practically living there. Though it felt like I was barging into their house, and I didn't want to go back to the Adrien's place since that place is absolutely suffocating. I talked to my mother about it already and she agreed with me about finding my own place to stay. Then I asked Marinette and thankfully she agreed, I'm going to ask her parents later after school then we'll go look at two apartments not far from school."

The girls looked at Marinette and gave the girl the tightest hug they could give.

"Our Mare-bear is growing up."

Nathaniel turned to Felix and asked, "Does Sasuke know about this?"


Nino raised his eyebrow, chuckling he said, "You know he's going to kill you right?"


"You know we're not going to help you right?" Luka reminded.


Adrien who heard this marched up to them and asked, "Felix can I talk to you for a moment?"

They turned silent and looked to the other blond. Felix crossed his arms, with a raised brow he asked, "What is it?"

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