Chapter 28:

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Author's note: Hey everyone I'm back and feeling much better, I'm sorry for the constant delay in everything but life has been rather hectic for me for the past few months and I had a lot of mental break downs that I'm surprised that I'm still functioning. ha ha ha. 

Anyway lets get on with the chapter. 

The next day they all met at Felix and Marinette's to discuss what to do next. Sakura and Marinette were in the kitchen preparing the snacks and drinks while the guys were on the couch watching supernatural.

"You know if you two were to be Dean and Sam, Naruto would be Dean and Sasuke would be Sam." Felix commented.

Naruto looked at with eyebrow raised and questioned, "Why am I Dean?"

Felix shrugged, "Well Dean is goofy, barely takes anything seriously unless it's absolutely necessary, forgets everything the moment food is in front of him, he's and I mean this in the nicest way possible less intellect than Sam but he prioritises family and friends over anything else but when push comes to shove he knows how to be harsh and fair."

Naruto looked at Sasuke then back at Felix and said, "I don't get it."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and said, "Fyi, Sakura was the one that befriended him I was ready to drop him."

Sakura turned to them and said, "Sasuke-kun you were friends with him long before you met me, hell you guy are practically brothers."

Marinette gave a spoon of cookie dough to Sakura and demanded, "Try it."

Sakura took a bite of it, "Needs more chocolate chips."

Marinette nodded and scooped out another cup of chocolate chips, she looked at the cup and the bag of chocolate and said, "Eh what the heck." As she dumped the whole bag of chocolate.

Sakura looked at the bowl and sarcastically asked, "You need some dough with those chocolate chips?"

Marinette rolled her eyes and said, "Just make the drinks."

The doorbell then rang and busted open. In comes Chloe yelling, "SUP BITCHES."

Marinette looked at Chloe and said, "Chloe what'd I say about language?"

Snickering she answered, "You're one to talk."

Rolling her eyes she mutters, "Whatever." As she brought out the snack she said, "The cookies will be out in a minute."

As they sat down Kagami asked, "Okay progress, what do we got?"

Chloe shoved a bunch of popcorn into her mouth and snapping her finger and motioning Nino to take out her I-Pad from her bag. As she took her I-Pad from her bag she said, "SO, Ms. Bustier has been in contact with authorities and lawyers. It's been hard but there is progress. Last I check they're putting Mr. Damocles under investigation. She will also be going to therapy and will be taking a break from teaching for a while."

"What about Lila?" Marinette asked, she heard the oven ring ding and chirped, "Oh cookies are done." Skipping over towards the oven.

"About Lila..."

Marinette took out the cookies and looked at them odd, muttering under her breath, "Maybe Sakura was right, maybe it was too much chocolate."

She then placed the cookies on the plate and brought them out to the others.

"...Mrs. Rossi said that Mr. and Mrs. Rossi have disowned her though the paper works are still processing and I've already received all the evidence from Alya." Chloe said, she noticed the cookies and chirped, "Oh cookies!"

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