Chapter 17: Accidents

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Author's Note: Hey guys I'm back from break, I finally moved out and living in Jakarta right now for college and oh my god was it hectic, cause like I had to get use to everything and I was like damn. and I had online classes which by the way important announcement, updates may be slow because of college cause like on of my classes is like 7 hours straight with a one hour break and that's on tuesday on monday it's 5 or 6 hours straight so yeah and next week I have two classes that are offline which takes up a whole day so yeah I'll be busier than ever so I hope ya'll don't mind.

Now On With The Story


"Oi dobe did you send your bodyguards head for inspections?" Sasuke asked.

"Already did." Naruto answered in all seriousness.

Sasuke raised his eyebrows and asked, "And?"

Naruto sighed, "For now nothing out of the ordinary but I told them to be on standby just in case and I already sent back up."

An hour later...

They were all at the Louvre for the show, Naruto and the others went to their seats while Marinette, Sasuke, Sakura and Juleka headed backstage. Marinette was for once glad for her connections and decided to put it to good use and was able to find over 18 models 6 dresses for each series.

She had a total of 18 outfits to show, her collection was called hurt and healed which revolved around the aftermath of a heartbreak. The first series was the first stage of heartbreak, which consisted of sexy alluring and elegant style, she chose the color black, dark gray, and light gray her inspiration for this was rain, ballet, stories from other people's perspective, songs, and contemporary dance, this collection had wet and raindrop elements to it.

The second series was anger and self-reflection this collection consisted of sporty casual, sexy alluring and elegant style mixed into it, her inspiration for this was mirrors and the emotion rage and anger, the color she chose for this was red, white, and black, in this collection she decided to put pieces of mirrors and a bunch of ripped fabrics.

The last collection was inspired by the last stages of heartbreaks which is acceptance, happiness, and selflove, this collection consisted of feminine romantic and elegant style, in this collection the outfits were mostly white, yellow, pink, and other pastel colors. In this one Marinette incorporated lace and flowery patterns.

Juleka who was new at the whole model business was flustered by all the makeup artists, left and right all she could see was hands coming to her face. She could her Sakura chuckling saying that sooner or later she would get used to it. Juleka took a deep breath and relaxed herself.

Marinette decided that Juleka was that she was going to wear the first collection, Sasuke would wear the second and Sakura would wear the third. Marinette took a look at her collection once more to check everything.

First up was Gabriel Agreste. Sakura crossed arms and texted Naruto to go live on her Instagram and so he did. The whole gang smirked knowing just how this would end. Sakura walked towards Gabriel and asked, "Honestly Mr. Agreste how on earth did you think that she was a good model for your brand? Your son still lacks experience of being a proper runway model, yet you let those two on the runway."

And just like Sakura's prediction, Lila's walk was horrible, Sasuke smirked and muttered, "This will be fun."

"Aa." Marinette nodded.

The crowd stifled their laughter as they watch her walk down the runway, overexaggerating her shoulders and hip movements and as she tackily struck a pose at the end before walking back. Kagami, Luka, and Felix bit the inside of their cheeks to keep themselves from laughing but Naruto, Nathaniel, Chloe, and Nino were red and ready to burst any moment. Marinette covered her face with her clipboard as she let out a few giggles here and there.

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