Chapter 26: Proposal and Anniversary gifts

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Sasuke and Sakura were at the boutique, trying on their outfits. Sasuke was waiting for Sakura to finish trying on her dress while listening to a new demo.

Sakura then came out in a tight fitted red dress with a square neckline that ended slightly above the knee, it was low enough to give her a little cleavage but not too much, it was backless and had a two crisscross straps with hand stitched crystals sewn onto the straps, bishop style sheer sleeves.

"So, what do you think?" Sakura asked.

A red hue appeared on Sasuke's cheeks, he smiled walking up to her he said, "Gorgeous."

Sakura blushed, kissing his cheek she said, "I love you."

Sasuke's eyes soften leaning his head onto hers he whispered, "I love you too."

Sakura asked, "So did you try on you suit yet?"

Sasuke nodded, "Yeah It fits fine."

"I'll go change back to my clothes after that we can go look for gifts for my parents." Sakura said patting him on the chest. As she went back inside the changing room she asked

"But I have to ask why the sudden dinner and gift?"

Sasuke shrugged, "I just think it would be nice, we've all been busy, and I don't spend as much time as when we were younger, and I thought that while we're here we might as well. I have a feeling that once we land in Japan, we'll be busy as ever especially with us graduating this year then going on to college while juggling our careers."

Sakura walked out and hugged him, she gave him a peck on the lips and said, "Don't worry, no matter how busy we are we'll always have time for each other." She tugged his hand, "Come on, we better get going if we want to find that gift in time for dinner."

Sasuke nodded as they exited the boutique.

Back with the others...

Naruto and guys were back at Luka's place to play video games while the girls were at Chloe's getting private massages.

As the guys were playing video games, Luka asked, "Do you think he will actually go through with it?"

"Who Sasuke?"


Naruto snickered and said, "Sasuke is head over heels for Sakura. It actually wasn't that smooth sailing for them in the beginning, you see back then Sasuke and Sakura were one of the most popular kids at camp. Girls loved Sasuke for his handsome, dark, and mysterious look and guys loved Sakura for her shy, soft look back then she was so adorable she was able to melt just anyone. I think we were what 11 when we started, Sasuke and I were already friends, when we entered camp, we met Sakura back then I remember Sasuke's face glowing red the minute Sakura walked into camp."

Nino laughed and said, "I cannot imagine Sasuke blushing."

"I didn't either at first but yeah, I remembered him glaring at every single guy that talked to her. I think when we were 13 one of our friend Gaara tried to ask Sakura out Sasuke found out about this, and he grabbed Sakura and called for a press conference and declared that Sakura was his, ever since then they've been together, like this." Naruto explained as he crossed his fingers. "And whenever it's a big event like a birthday, anniversary, valentine's day, Christmas or if they won an award they always and I mean always give each other grand gestures."

Felix smirked, raising an eyebrow he asked, "Like what?"

Naruto thought about it and answered, "Well one time for Sakura's birthday Sasuke rented out the entire amusement park or that time when Sakura had this like fake kidnapping company to fake kidnap him and took him to Maldives for a get a way trip for their anniversary."

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