Chapter 11: Angry Sasusaku

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Sakura was in the locker room taking a break from all the drama around them, She thought, 'Haish, I'm exhausted, with work and school it's really draining me.'

Just then Adrien comes into the room and sits down next to Sakura, Sakura noticed how close he was and scooted down away from him and just massage her head. But as she moved away Adrien just got closer to her. Sakura was pretty creeped out by this and decided to leave the room and as she stood up Adrien grabs her hand and says,

"Hey um, listen I think we got off on the wrong foot, why don't I make it up to you by taking you out to dinner?"

Sakura shook his hand off and said, "No thanks, I have a boyfriend."

Adrien got closer to her, "So? What he doesn't know won't hurt us."

Sakura glared at him and said, "If you don't get the hell away within the next five seconds, I promised you that you won't be able to have any children in the future."

Adrien smirked, "Playing hard to get I like that, I'll see you this Saturday, moonlight restaurant at 7?"

Sakura gaped at him in disbelieve, "Are you! Oh my god...I literally just said no."

"Now don't be like that." Adrien tried to lean in for a kiss, but Sakura quickly slapped him across the face and kicked him in where the sun doesn't shine.

Sakura yelled, "Omg, I'm leaving you are sick dude, and I've met some sly bastards in my life, but you are just on a whole other level."

Sakura stormed out of the room in anger and disgust. Sasuke who was about to go get her met her halfway, when he saw her storm out, he grabbed her and asked, "Hey what's going on?"

"That bastard in there violated me by trying to put his dirty lips on me."

Sasuke unknowingly tightened his grip on Sakura, "Which bastard."

Just as lucky would happen Adrien came out of locker room, groaning and holding his unexisting genital. Adrien turned pale when he saw Sasuke stomping his way.

Sasuke punched him down to the ground, glaring down at him, "Stay the hell away from my girlfriend if I see you even glancing at her you are dead, be glad that we're in school if we were outside, I would have run you over with my car."

Sakura grabbed Sasuke's arm and said, "Let's just go, we can deal with him later."

Sasuke held Sakura's hand tightly and whispered, "Let's go we're late for class."

During class Sasuke didn't let go of Sakura's hand, whenever she made the slightest movements his hand would tighten. Sakura eyes soften whenever he did this because she knows just how much he cares for her. 

"Sasuke-kun can you please let go of my hand? I need to arrange my books for the next class."

"Naruto can do that for you."

Naruto looked at Sasuke annoyed and said, "What do you think I am your personal maid?"

Luka and Juleka came up to the trio and asked Sasuke, "Hey bro, me and Juleka just got this gig at this café, and we were wondering if you guys want to join us?"

"Sure, we'll come though we'll just watch we don't want to get too noticed by the public." Sakura agreed.

Juleka noticed that Sakura seemed a bit off, so she asked, "Sakura are you okay? You look a little pale."

Sakura touched her face and gave her a smile, "I'm fine don't worry."

Sasuke who was still upset said, "Why don't we head to the nurse's office so you can lay down, you do look a bit sick." Sasuke looked at the two siblings and said, "Could you guys excuse us later?"

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