Chapter 23: Alya's Next

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The next morning at school everyone was wondering where Adrien was, sure he tended to be late but normally he would give them a heads up but today there was no news at all. When Felix entered the classroom, he was swarmed by Lila's sheep, asking where Adrien was.

Felix smirked as he headed to his seat he said, "Oh he didn't tell you? His father decided to pull him out of school and sent him to a far away boarding school."

Lila's eyes widened, "What?" She bit her thumb nail and thought, 'If Adrien's not here who's gonna boost my popularity.'

Glancing at Felix she smirked, 'If I can't have Adrien then I'll just move to Felix, going after Sasuke or Naruto would be too much of a hassle especially with that pink slut on my way.'

"You're lying." Exclaimed Kim, "Adrien would never leave us without telling us."

Felix snickered and said, "If you don't believe me why don't you try calling him? If that doesn't work, why don't you go over to his house."

Marinette and Chloe then entered and noticed the commotion, they walked up to Felix and Marinette asked, "What's going on?"

Felix rolled his eyes and answered, "Adrien."

"Oooh is this about him going to boarding school?"

Ivan who heard Marinette asked, "You knew about this?"

"Duh it's all-over social media, apparently some paparazzi saw Adrien with his luggage and heard Gabriel say something about boarding school. I thought it was only a rumor turns out it's true."

Chloe leaned back on her chair and stated, "Well good riddance, one less problem for us to deal with."

Alya looked at Chloe annoyed, "Aren't you his childhood friend or whatever?"

Chloe glared, "Was, I was his friend not anymore, not after that she-demon brainwashed him." She answered pointing towards Lila.

Lila looked offended and said, "I did no such thing!"

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Keep telling yourself that."

Alya glared at Chloe and sneered, "It's fine Lila, the only reason she's calling you that is to hide the fact that she herself is someone worse than satan."

"The fuck did you say Cesaire." Chloe growled.

"You heard me bitch."

"Oh it's on."

Before Chloe could do anything, Nino's voice cut in, "That's enough Chloe, you don't want to stoop down to her level no do you."

Chloe relaxed a bit, "Babe, but she-"

Nino put a hand on top of her head and said, "I know, and I know you can take care of yourself, but I just don't want you to get in trouble. Here I got you coffee."

Chloe sat back down as she calmed herself, "Thank you."

Nino kissed her forehead and said, "No worries."

Alya who was watching the whole interaction felt a pang of jealousy. She really didn't understand why Nino was on their side. She though he really loved her yet when she started being friends with Lila he started to change and broke things off with her. She didn't want to end the relationship when she tried to get back together with her he would reject her saying that if she was still friends with Lila there was no way in heaven, earth or hell would he ever get back together with her.

After a six months she found out that Chloe and Nino were dating, when she found out she accused him of cheating on her before they even broke up. Nino explained that he never cheated on her and that he got together with Chloe long after their breakup, he even had Luka and Juleka vouch for them. When Alya was fully convinced that he was only using her to make her jealous but after a year she was certain that they really were together for the long run, this broke her heart.

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