chapter 1

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"i'm sorry kid but you're quirkless"

i dropped the all might action figure i was holding. those words hit me like a truck, and the doctor seemed sad about having to break the news to me. i looked at mom but she just seemed sad but didn't try to comfort me. "but don't worry there's still a chance you will still develop a quirk". 'i can still be a hero' i thought.

"izumi here has a really powerful telekinesis quirk, over time she would be able to lift almost five tons. the only downside is that the thing she uses it on must be in her line of sight and staying still" the doctor explained.

"do you hear that izumi, you'll be a great hero". inko lifted izumi into the air as she praised her. "YA, i'll be the best hero ever". mom's attitude completely changed from sad to happy as if she forgot about me. they then started to leave the room. "don't worry kid, i still believe you can be a hero even if your quirk never shows up" the doctor tells me. i thank him then run after mom and izumi.

when i got out of the hospital i didn't see our car anywhere. 'did they leave me" i thought. luckily i knew the way home. by the time i got home the sun was starting to set. i opened the front door and was met with the smell of food. my mouth watered a little. i rushed over to the dining room only to see three plates on the table not four. mom, dad, and izumi were talking as if i was never missing.

i tung on moms shirt "m-mommy can you make me some food" i ask. "there's some in the fridge". she said with a hint of annoyance in her voice and then she went back to talking as if nothing was wrong. my eyes started to tear up a bit. i walked over to the counter and grabbed an apple and went up to my room and ate it then cried myself to sleep.


no one woke me up, no one made me lunch and breakfast, an no one drove me to school. i woke up late and get ready then had to figure out how to make a sandwich for lunch and then i had to run to school. i made it to school late, it was lunch time. i went and sat underneath a willow tree that was in the school yard and ate my sandwich in peace.


izuku came to school late today for some reason, and then he went and ate by himself. i'm worried about him wanting to be a hero. i just don't want him to die. i went up to my friends. earlier i had told them about izuku being quirkless. "guys i'm worried about izuku, i don't want him to die trying to be a hero".

they all agree. they don't want to see izuku die trying to save someone. "i have an idea but i don't know if it will work" shoto says. "well spit it out already" katsumi yells. "what if we use are quirks on him to try and scare him so he doesn't become a hero".

we didn't want to do it at first, but it was the best thing we could think of.


as i was eating i saw five shadows approach me. i look up and see my friends, but they looked, angry. "hey izuku do you still want to be a hero" izumi asks. "yes". i was then met with two explosion to the face knocking me back. i cried out in pain. i then felt my legs get really cold. i look down and see that shoto and shoka froze my legs so i couldn't run away. izumi started throwing rocks at me with her quirk as the others started punching and kicking me.

after a while they stopped and they left. it took a while before i could move again. i looked at the sky to see it start to turn orange. i see that there are no cars in the parking lot and no one else is here. 'they must have all left' i thought. i stumble back home taking what feels like hours but in reality it only took 45 minutes. i open the door and see everyone having a good time, without me. i grab an apple off of the counter and go to the bathroom to put some bandages on my scrapes and cuts. after eating the apple i go to my room and go to bed. before falling asleep i thought 'maybe things will go back to normal'



hope you liked the chapter

the idea for this story came to me when i was playing some monster hunter rise and i thought why not. and now this is a thing.


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