Chapter 24

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"Alright class today we're going to be working on your ultimate moves. I know some of you already have some so just make another" aizawa said. We all changed into our hero costumes and went to the gym. Inside the gym were multiple stone pillars coming out of the ground with an ectoplasm clone on top of each one. I launched my self up onto one of the pillars and sat down. I felt like I didn't need to make an ultimate move since I already had four but I'll try it out.

"So do you have any ultimate moves" ectoplasm asked. "I have four, phantom fire fist: dark burn, phantom mines, haunted blades, and vengeful inferno" I explain. The ectoplasm clone started giving me suggestions but I ignored him and started talking to oni. "Got any ideas" "yes, would you be able to take over my body" "I could try". Soon I felt as if I was kicked extremely hard in the head by something. I was knocked onto my back. I sat up and rubbed my head "who the fuck did that" I looked up and saw. Me? Well it was me but my eyes were slits like a cats. "HAHA, it worked" my body yelled. Then I realized it was oni possessing my body and I am now a spirit. 

"Can you see me" I ask waving my hand in front of him. "yes I can see you now please stop" he said slightly annoyed. "What worked" ectoplasm asked "and who are you talking to". "Nothing now can you please go away I'm trying to think" oni said. The ectoplasm plasm clone sighed before walking away. "Now, let's get to work" I say.


I noticed something was off about Izuku ever since he told the ectoplasm clone to leave him alone. He started talking to himself as if someone was right in front of him. I was starting to get worried. "Hey kirishima can you check on Izuku he's been acting weird" I ask as I walk up to him. "Sure I'll go check on midobro" he said before walking of. "Yeah, midoriya" I mumbled before going back to training.

As I was practicing using all for one and my telekinesis at the same time I could only make out parts of their conversation. It was something about a sentient part of his quirk and oni. I noticed I was falling behind katsumi and katsuki because they both already had two ultimate moves. I heard a crack and saw a chunk of concrete broke off one of the pillars and was going to fall on. DAD. I was using all for one right now and i wouldn't make it in time and it would take to long to switch to my telekinesis. 

I was about to yell at dad to watch out but an explosion on the other side of the gym interrupted me. The boulder was about to hit dad and everyone else saw what was about to happen. I saw purple flash shoot up to the rock. Dad turned around just as the flash was about to hit the boulder. "Phantom flash fire fist: prominence dark burn". The flash turned out to be a person and as they said that a massive tornado of hot pink and purple flames erupted from their fist as they punched the rock scorching everything in its path.

The flames created a massive amount of smoke blinding everyone. I coughed and waved my hand to clear a little smoke. "Katsuki clear the smoke!" I yelled. I heard an "ok" before he made an explosion. The smoke cleared allowing us to see what happened. All of the concrete the flames hit were now melted and the area around it was scorched black. I looked back to see who did this and it was Izuku, but something was wrong. He was standing hunched over with his arms hanging in front of him and his hair draped over his face as flames danced around his body.

"That was a little over kill don't you think oni" kirishima asked as he walked up to Izuku. "But it worked". Izuku's voice almost sounded demonic, like it wasn't him speaking. I hopped down from the pillar I was on. "What do you mean by oni" I asked. "That's me" Izuku said. I was confused. Why was Izuku calling himself a deamon. Then I noticed something, his eyes were slits like a cats. "Thank you for saving me son" dad said as he tried to put his hand on izuku's shoulder. Izuku flicked his hand away "I'm not your son". "What's wrong with your voice problem child" aizawa asked.

"I'm not problem child, I'm his quirk. I go by oni. He wanted to see if I could control his body and it worked" oni explained. Aizawa sighed "then give problem child his body back". "Ok". Izuku's eyes then turned back to normal "that was a weird experience" he said. I was about to say something but Izuku ran off. "Kirishima I need to test something and I need your help" he called. Kirishima then ran after him.



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